Jul 13 2011

Music Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

A lot of people when they get a tattoo, get one that contains musical bars and notes. Just like the women in the picture taken. These can be beautiful and delicate tattoos, especially when it is inserted with a lot of splashy color. However, it is not the only options available to you, and you can also get your favorite instrument like guitar, violin, or even a cool drum kits. You can also get a tattoo with your favorite band name or logo, although I would caution you to be careful when you get one of these.

1000 ‘s of Printable temp tattoo angel DesignsYou never know what’s going to happen with the band a few years down the road, so make sure it’s something you can live with for the rest of his life. Instead, let me give you a choice to capture your favorite band. Why not get the lyrics to your favourite song. Words are timeless and profound verses of your favorite song may be something that preserves the meaning even after the band broke up, have sold out or been sent to rehab. But, no matter which route you choose to go, a music-tattooing is rich in personal opinion and show that a true lover of music.

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