Jul 21 2011

Panther Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

This guy has a pretty cool Panther tattoo on his arm in this picture. It looks as though this Panther sits on his arm, with his head bent back as to say, come no closer, or otherwise and even if it is only on the tattoo, it gets the point very well. At least it does for me. They say that S Panther tattoo is popular with men because the Panther is a symbol of leadership, strength and power. And while I think it can be a part of it, I’m not sure that many people even know about those meanings.

1000 ‘s of Printable phoenix temporary tattoo DesignsI think the guys see a Panther as a beast of power and in some ways try to emulate it by getting a Panther tattoo put on themselves.In other cultures a Panther is a symbol of the Sun. Thus a symbol of life itself, but again I doubt that many people around the world who receive a Panther tattoo set a while much of the inventory of these meanings. People rarely get tattoos, because of its historical significance. They do it for what it means for them more than anything else, and that is how it should be.

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