Aug 12 2011

Shark Tattoos

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Much like many of tattoos tattoos today, hai has its roots in the sailing world. Men of the sea knew that shark was perhaps the world’s largest predators and so they considered shark tattoos as a symbol of power and fearless. Sailors from the Western world usually had a shark tattoos to show that they were not afraid of the dangers of the sea had to offer. Many of them believed that if sharks were seen following their ship when it was a sign that someone was going to die.

1000 ‘s of Printable temp tattoo tiger DesignsFor other peoples around the world, the shark seen more from a standpoint of nature rather than just a killing machine. A beloved and respected animal if power and strength and astuteness was something to be worshipped and feared. In fact, they were reviewed by American Indians to be the symbol of the ultimate Hunter. And still other peoples around the world, who also had great respect for shark, so it’s more like a matkilde for the people and as such they would thank for his bounty. So as you can see shark tattoos can have many complex meanings.

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