Aug 14 2011

Blue Rose Tattoo

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Rose tattoos are not only popular but also with the man people. As a matter of fact, rose tattoos tops list of tattoo designs. People have always chosen to make these designs tattooed in a very long time. One reason, making rose tattoo very popular is the symbolism attached to it. Roses is synonymous with love. From antiquity, the roses had many meanings but love attached to them, These rose tattoos can be done in different colors, red, pink, blue, black, rose tattoo, etc. In this article we will learn about the Blue rose tattoo.

Blue Rose Tattoo Meaning

According to the ancient Greeks, is the first step is said to be created by chloris, the goddess of flowers. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, the beauty of the flower and Dionysus, God of Wine, intoxicating fragrance of flower. Because of this, symbolizes the rose flower beauty, love, drugs and death. Thorns add a hint of sadness and danger of the flower. Therefore, it is seen as the perfect symbol for the human condition.

The most common meaning attached to a rose temporary tattoos stars is that of beauty. For a variety of tattoo aficionados, represents a rose on both inner and outer beauty. If thorns are present at tatoveringen, it means simply that the person does not place great emphasis on outer beauty and is only concerned with the inner beauty of the person.

Eternal love is the second meaning attached to the rose tattoo. For these people, this means a torn along with Rose Tattoo-”you can see, but can’t touch the object of beauty”. A thorned rose tattoo can also be notified to the fact, love in a package, you will have to make certain sacrifices for your love. This care is often used when the person is in love with. It can also mean that love does not come without risks and ecstasy attached to love will only come by enduring some pain and agony.

The meaning of the Blue rose tattoo is a fascination for some people.It can also be seen as a fantasy and impossibility. This may be due to the fact that blue roses do not exist in nature at all. The so-called blue roses are actually either Lavender Rose or white roses, which is colored in blue color. For some people, a blue rose tattoo represents a hope for a miracle and that new possibilities are yet to come, and that they can get. You can read more about rose color meanings.

Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

When you choose to have themselves tattooed with this tatoveringen design, you have a wide range of design, where you can choose from. You can have a simple little rose bud or an open flower. The other option is to have a wreath of blue roses tattooed around your neck. A bouquet of flowers also makes a beautiful tattoo design. At the same time you have the ability to get a rose tattoo with thorns or thorns.

But just mentioned, I personally like the flowing ribbons attached to the rose tattoo. The tapes may have the names of loved ones tattooed on it. You can have the name tattooed as a sign of respect for the memory. There are people, who also has been lift of eternal fidelity tattooed on the Ribbon. You will find the Celtic design tattoos, tribal tattoos and compass rose tattoos among a whole horde of others that can be used to create the tattoo design.

If you want to get a blue rose tattoo, there are a lot of online directories where you can choose to get a design for tatoveringen. You can also combine this blue rose tattoo designs with other designs, such as a heart, fairy, butterfly, cross, dagger, etc. However, I would recommend you speak with a tattoo artist, so that you are able to find the right design for your tatoveringen.

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