Aug 21 2011

Bird Temporary Tattoos

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Most bird temporary tattoos have different meanings to different people. Corvus was regarded by such Indian tribes, but is a symbol of evil in Christianity. However, some bird tattoos have same meaning know no matter what culture you are in, and one of them is the OWL tatoveringen as the one on the picture. The Owl is a night Hunter of man feared and prey alike, and because of its unique ability to fly silently and see and hear well in the dark, the OWL has often been associated with all things magical and mysterious.

Download Award Winning Tattoo DesignsIt thought that Owl was a confident of magicians and witches as, and as such is mentioned in many Fables, ranging from Merlin to Harry Potter. But the origin of the OWL predates even the medieval symbolism in Europe. It dates back to the ancient Greeks. For them it was a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, and was even the totem animal of the goddess Athena. So it’s no wonder that ugla would do such a great bird

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to add a collection of body art. Wisdom, magic and mystery might just be the Holy Grail of symbolism.

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