Aug 23 2011

Frog Temporary Tattoos

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Frog temporary tattoos are found throughout the world. Frog tattoos can be ideal for the first form of a young of body art. Frog tattoos are highly symbolic, but also really cute, funny, sometimes funny. Normally appear like bangles, on the lower back, ankles, shoulders, upper back or chest. This is a project that can be worn interchangeably by men or women. Frogs have a number of wonderful symbolism behind them. In ancient Egypt, for example, the frog was thought to be a protector and a guide to the afterlife.

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DesignsThe Iban assume that having a temporary tattoo will protect the frog throat warrior to have his head cut off in battle. And also believe that their ancestors live in the body of the frogs to be close to their loved ones. Frog tattoos can also represent the brightness and the color of the natural world. Can be achieved with a simple schema, or let your imagination with bright colors and bold designs more complex. The frogs can be combined with the flowers, vines, water lilies and Lotus flowers. Frogs can add something on a Board for these tattoos, signifying that the holder is nice, but very dangerous! But, no matter the reason to get a tattoo, frog can make a beautiful addition to any scheme of tattoo.

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