Sep 18 2011

Celtic Knot Temporary Tattoos

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In the last decade or so, the Celtic knot temporary tattoos became very popular in the world of tattoo. This is due To the complexity and beauty of the models, as well as a rich symbolic significance in the background of these models. A common meaning for the creation of Celtic knot tattoo is the life that has no beginning and no end.One of the most common symbols appear in Celtic tattoos knot is a symbol called the triquetra. This plan consists of ovals joined, to form the three Cornered triangle.

Download Award Winning Tattoo DesignsThis design is often associated with the faith and has been adapted by Christians as a presentation of the Holy Trinity. For the ancient Celts, the creation of a symbol of the three women of the powers of nature.Other types of Celtic knot designs that are common today include kvartarnih knots, peterokraka knot, knot and the knot of the elemental pentagram. But the person does not have to be limited only to these types of knots. Wearers can base their own knot Celtic

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with the use of common items, such as the names of people, animals, or even your favorite astrological sign. Almost everything is possible with this type of temporary tattoo. When you put your mind to it I’m sure you’ll be able to create one that meets your domestic nature.

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