Sep 19 2011

Sister Temporary Tattoo Ideas

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The art of tattoo body is really in the hunt, and you can be part of this subculture. Art is so popular, that is a reality show on the life of tattoo artists. If you have a sister, and they plan to get tattoos together, there are several proposals, which you can get, from the subtle Butterfly morbid search for the skull. Identical twins with the corresponding tattoo has an aura of mystery around them, which has even attracted Hollywood.

The selection of the tattoo wisely, it is a good idea, because art is permanent and you don’t want to be stuck with the design that you’ll regret it later. Once you have completed the design, make sure that you choose an artist whose work you’ve seen, and the like. Also make sure that the tattoo parlour use sterilized equipment. One more important thing that you will have to do is select the part of the body for a tattoo.

The best ideas Sister Tattoo

When thinking about a tattoo ideas is appropriate to consider the many proposals before you. If possible, get a temporary tattoo, and he wears it for a few days, as it looks and works, before you decide to get a real solution. Read the follow-up care tattoo is also a good idea, as is the need to take steps to maintain the design.

Floral designs
One of the more popular designs for comparing tattoo sisters flowers copies. Hybiscus flowers blossom belongs to the traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs tattoo is popular among young girls, because the Hibiscus means purity. In Hindu culture, Lotus Blossom, represents prosperity and wisdom, which is a good tattoo for the sisters. Other popular floral patterns, which you can ink are the roses and lilies, floral patterns.

Butterfly specimens
These gentle creatures of nature, he looks great, when it was on the body by using color, such as the sea is blue and red. Get the artist to accessory for butterfly wings, and you can choose between one or two wings, the wings of a butterfly design. It is one of the best ideas twin sister tattoo, just looking for the same Butterfly designs.

Drawn figures
The colouring of the characters from the popular cartoon show is one of the neat ideas sister tattoo, which is coming to the fore. You could go to still cute Bugs Bunny chewing on a carrot, or Bart Simpson skateboarding, depending on your selection. An engraving of Mickey Mouse with the sunglasses on the back of the lower part of the region is something you could consider. Other popular characters are “Wednesday”, from a family of Adams and Wonder Woman.

Font styles
The famous quotation from the poem inked on his arm is one of the best ideas, sister tattoos, you can apply different fonts to add an element of the uniqueness of your design. If you are a religious types, you can get a verse from the Bible, engraved on its body. There are sisters, that ink only one word, which is important for them, for example. words like “forgiveness”.

The proposals against insects
If you are searching for unique tattoos for the sisters, then go to the insects, the modification, such as bumble bees, or Dragonfly. Once I knew that the sisters that they signed a mosquito to play the violin on the right hand, and it was really amazing. Peculiar, beetle’s resting on the pollen is another interesting idea tattoo. Other types of insects that you can incorporate into your chanel tattoo designs are caterpillars with the hat, the grasshopper played papered, snail is holding an umbrella, etc.

If you’re at it, you can also obtain a poisonous snake with a forked tongue and fangs. For more interesting the same temporary tattoo, which could be indigenous designs, are also animals from mythology such as mermaids or Dragon.

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