Sep 20 2011

Swallow Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

This is another good example of optimum combination between the temporary tattooed and Memorial or tribute to someone. It swallows tattoo uses so many colors like red, yellow, blue, green, orange and black. Inside the wings are mostly dark-red, with the edges, tinted with light orange color. Outside of the wings of light-blue color, and other parts of the body, and blended with a hint of white as the light glowed from this.

Download Award Winning tattoo DesignsThe swallows the eye is bright green with a yellow tint to the top. The name tinted with orange tone and written in fancy calligraphy. Halo on the head of the birds of golden-yellow with glitter on the edge, as if it is brilliant. There is a white dot on the bird’s eyes, how would the brilliant. Coloration and shade this picture is complex and fancy. Swallow tattoo is a symbol of freedom, and mixing that value of abstracts was definitely a good idea. temp spider tattoos with special symbolic values that correspond to the colors is always a good idea.

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