Sep 30 2011

Angel Temporary Tattoo

Posted by lu in Tattoo

Angel temporary tattoos are rapidly becoming the new fashion in the world of tattooing. I’m not sure why this is so, but maybe it’s because people perceive the world, to be more stringent than the place that it is actually. So, with increasing violence and crime, many people feel that they need an Angel tattoo watch their backs. This Angel tattoo picture less like Christian style tattoos, but falls under the val’kirij. Valkyrie were winged Virgin who decided battles and have fallen heroes at their last place of rest, whether it was a paradise or hell.

1000 tattoos published DesignsI can say that this design Angel temporary tattoos world flags was inspired by val’kirij due to massive two-handed sword she owns. I think that this Angel temporary tattoo looks especially good in black and white design that this person had to do it in. I don’t think that the design would be dramatic if the claimant chose to this design made in color. And there is another comment which I would like to make this an Angel tattoo. I especially like the fallen feathers, insinuating that this girl has just been in a great battle. This really adds to the overall theme of the tattoo.

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