Oct 03 2011

Japanese Katakana Temporary Tattoos

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Japanese katakana is in the form of short hand is taken from the Chinese characters that were used by Buddhist monks during the ninth century. In the beginning there was a large set of different symbol to represent the syllable of the Japanese. Over time the system is refined until they come in a full place in the 14th century. After the 14th century, there was no direct correspondence between the written Japanese symbols and speak the Japanese language.Japanese katakana consists of about forty-eight syllables and many are considered to be wrote that should only be done by men.

Download the Award Winning temp tattoos DesignsSince twentieth century, Japanese Katakana was used to relate the words from other languages other than Chinese. They often include foreign names and onomatopeic words (words that look like they sound). Japanese Katakana for the beautiful and complex temporary tattoo, but care must be taken by the person seeking to obtain one. It takes someone who is a specialist in Japanese katakana correctly to transkribira the word you want. If you get someone who is not qualified in this art form. or someone who does not speak English very well, then you will be able to finish with a tattoo, that means something different from your original intention.

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