Oct 14 2011

Temporary Tattoo Ink Colors

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tattoo art is becoming famous day after day. get yourself an ink sensing have gained immense popularity, especially among young people. people get themselves tattooed on a variety of reasons. some believe that this is a great fashion statement, but some people do reveal some aspects of your personality. for some people it is a way to express feelings, and some consider it a fabulous body art. one reason is that the tattoo art is a matter of fashion and style conscious world. there are a variety of tattoo designs and types to choose from. so, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, you may have to consider many things, the right of where you want to get a tattoo done, model and design, as well as the tattoo ink colors. here in this article we will learn about the different types of tattoo ink colors and how to intermingle the tattoo ink colors.

what is a tattoo ink made of?
tattoo ink is a substance that gives color to the variety of tattoo designs. tattoo ink is entered into the skin where the dyes remain. although it is meant to be permanent, it tends to slightly fading over time. the ink consists of two components-a pigment and a carrier.

pigments are substances that are finely ground to give color. it can be anything from minerals, plastics, paints, metal salts such as calcium copper silicate, iron oxide, chromium oxide and zinc oxide.

carriers of liquid substances that are used to ensure that pigment under the skin. they are distributed uniformly, without pigment clumping, and also has some disinfectant action. some of the most commonly used carrier listerine, propylene glycol, alcohol and glycerine. now you know what the tattoo ink, let us move onto the tattoo ink colors.

tattoo ink colors
tattoo ink colors are available in the market. not only there’s a lot of colors, but there are also many different recipes that use different tattoo artists to these ink colors.basic tattoo ink colors are as follows:
tattoo artists use these basic color inks to the mix and make different color shades. most people are happy with the standard tattoo ink colors, but there are some who want specific colors or shades. mixing colors for their help in such cases. some tattoo ink suppliers offer tattoo ink color chart from which to choose, which has some specific colors in addition to basic colors mentioned above. some of the specific color are:
crimson red
red mud
choosing tattoo ink colors can be quite difficult. one must choose a color depending on skin tone. if you have fair skin, to avoid the yellow and orange or other light colors. they are not complemented by pale skin, and it will be difficult to spot. those with darker skin, it is difficult to choose the right tattoo. dark red, light pink, and it has some tattoo ink colors, dark skin, which will be displayed clearly. there are some tattoo ink colors that are made specifically for those who seek something beyond the ordinary color or tone. let’s have a look at them.

uv tattoo ink
tattoos, which with this kind of ink requires the presence of uv light or black light shines. these tattoo stickers appear bright vibrant colors of light, and exposure to black light glow. there are also a few tattoos, which shines in absolute darkness. but the ink is toxic and may have some side effects. read more about glow in the dark tattoos.

henna has been used tattoos, because for a long time. it is obtained from the plant known as the inherm lawsoni. it is a temporary, and it can be used on any surface, such as skin or nails. many people choose to henna tattoos, because it is relatively inexpensive and painless.

white ink
white ink tattoos are becoming popular around because they are much different than traditional tattoos.those who are conscious about the bold visible tattoo design to go about this faint white lines.

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so, it was all about tattoo ink colors. choose a color that matches your skin’s best, and your tattoo will be a hit among all your friends!

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