Oct 20 2011

Peony Temporary Tattoo

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flowers always fascinated the human mind with their absolute beauty and charming aroma. so, without a doubt, the floral patterns tattoos have always been popular, especially among women. however, many men also prefer to have a flower tattoos or rather, combine them with other bold tattoos, in such a way as to create a balanced view. in addition to beauty, floral symbolism and other factor which takes into account the popular flower tattoos.

flower tattoos not only pleasure for the eyes, but they stand behind a deep symbolic meaning. roses, lotuses, sakura and chrysanthemums, several colors that are cherished, not only for their beauty, but the values attached to them, as well as. like all those flowers, peony flowers have a rich history, be an important part of several cultures, and this is the reason why the pion tattoos temp have gained wide popularity scale around the world. learn more about tattoos by members chrysanthemums and cherry color tattoo.

peony tattoo symbolism

peony flower occupies a special place in chinese and japanese cultures and their traditional tattoos. chinese peony is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth. in japanese culture, it can mean the same thing, i.e. the wealth and good luck. but peony flower is associated with the old japanese card game, etc., this flower tattoo may also mean male quality, bold, or risk relationships in the same way as players who play the game with the spirit, that the next rate might be the last for him. pion may also symbolize a rollicking “samurai warriors who live each day with the spirit that this may be the last day of his life. nevertheless, asian art, peony flower symbolizes feminine beauty and spring.

in addition, the pion can be fragile and short-lived nature of existence, ambition, determination and compassion, and married, pions is the symbol of a happy marriage.in europe, the pions, is usually associated with the virgin mary, is clearly contrary to the symbolism of the flower in japanese culture. in europe this flower, also referred to as “rose without thorns.” peony flower is actually “a peon”, which was a pupil of asclepius. asclepius was the greek god of medicine, who became jealous “pen” his apprentice. according to greek mythology, another greek god zeus saved a peon from the wrath of his teacher, turning him into a flower peony

peony tattoo

you can create endless projects tattoos with the colors of pions, with striking colour combinations. typically, the flower depicted in dark red, though he can come in a variety of colors, from white, pink to red and yellow. but usually, peony tattoos can often be found in various shades of red in colour, with green leaves. big red peony petals flowers, sideways a bit around the edges may look so exquisite in any part of the body. you can place the peony flower tattoos on the hands, shoulders, lower back or legs. small tattoo pions can look equally good on his feet, as well as.

in traditional japanese tattoos peony, this flower, but, combined or paired with japanese lion. this is probably done to balance the brutality and the strength of a lion, with a thin and fragile beauty of the flower peony however, you can always experiment with different tattoos and include other elements to create your own unique tattoos peony. you can either go for simple design tattoos or complex floral patterns to make your tattoo more attractive. learn more about:
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floral tattoos, such as tattoos peony has an attractive design and fashion, a seemingly endless projects. simply design versatility flower tattoos, including peony tattoo correctly made their all time favorite among many fans of tattoos.

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