Nov 14 2011

Fairy Temporary Tattoos

Posted by lu in Tattoo

this is a fantastic adventure tattoo, but one that is a little off the beaten path. usually when you see an fe tattoo it depicts a fun loving little sprite with large colourful wings, a big smile and a ungdommeligt appearance. these fairy tattoos temp butterfly usually depict fe in forested surroundings, either sitting on a mushroom, or perhaps even a lily pad. but this here has a much darker feel to it. for one thing, the colors are black and white. this is a great departure from the usual fe tattoo, which is full of red, green, and blue.

download award winning tattoo designsthis we have a more gothic feel to it, almost ominous. another thing that strikes me about this fe tattoo is that fe has a very serious expression on his face. okay, perhaps serious is not an accurate description. i believe that the threat would be more appropriate words. in reality this fe tattoo downright scary! i really have to give applause to both the designer of this fe tattoo and keeper. they have taken an overused design and made it personal and unique. we all should keep this design in mind, when we get our next tattoo.

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