Nov 20 2011

Toenail Falling Off – What to Do

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toenail falling is a problem frequently encountered. medically, it is known as onychoptosis. toenail begins to fall due mainly to two reasons. one is the fungal infection of the toes and the second is a kind of injury of the nail black decal of the toes. in both cases, before falling, the nail becomes discolored. since the change of color, you can identify the exact underlying cause to nail down. that to do so, to prevent the nail from falling, will be discussed later. prior to this, we collect some additional information on the effect of fungal infection and injury on your nail.

toenail falling off because of fungi

fungal infection affecting the nail is known as onychomycosis. it is a highly contagious form of the infection and is caused by bacteria. it can infect a single nail or more. infection occurs at the edge of the nail first and then spreads below the surface of the nail. initially, the infected nail causes much pain and toe can be inflated as well. then, its starts fading which could make the nail or yellow brown or white. gradually, the nail becomes thick and in some cases, gives the smell out of fault. when the infection is serious, the nail crumbles or separates and falls finally extinguished.

there are several ways in which the nail may be hurt. athletes often receive injuries on their toes due to the constant pressure on their toes during the race. shoes that are smaller, can cause injury to the nail. large nail can repeatedly strike the shoe and a haematoma the nail. when the wound damage underlying the nail bed, and the causes of the nail to fall, it is known as subungual hematoma. because of the injury, stands out the nail from the nail bed and it becomes painful.later, the color of the nail to black or bluish black and finally it falls.

treatment of toenail falling off

the main goal of treatment is to eradicate the fungal infection completely. even if it ya a mild infection, left, it can be spread to other nails. when your nail too is wrong, you should consult a physician or podiatrist. first, the doctor will administer certain drugs that may provide relief of pain and reduce inflammation. then the underlying cause is treated. if the cause is a fungus, then a fungal anti cream must be applied with some drugs orally. in the case, fungal infection become serious and does not respond to treatment, and surgery may be necessary, when the affected toe nail is removed surgically. when it is caused by an injury, it is likely that little liquid is accumulated under the nail. therefore, once the pain decreases, your doctor drain you the liquid and the swelling and the pain will be relieved.

treat toenail falling off at home

there are some home remedies, which may act as effective remedy to the toes down. here is the list of home for toe nail remedies fall:

tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for the mycosis of nails of toe on the. you need to rub the oil tree tea in its undiluted form, on the affected nail daily twice, for at least two weeks. for more information read the foot – tea tree oil nail fungus.
application of apple cider vinegar is useful to get rid of the fungus on the nails. soak your feet in of hot apple cider vinegar and keep it for about 15 minutes, then wipe. to do this, all the days and you will find the infection goes down in a few days. for more information read the vinegar to treat mycosis of nails.

benzalkonium chloride is an excellent antiseptic that heals toes fall, due to fungi. apply once or twice a day for best results.
now nail down, what need is known to you. sometimes, even after have undergone a treatment, leaving the nail then don’t worry. a toenail of news will grow and replace the former space of a few months. until the nail grows new, you need to take care of the affected area. use an ointment to disinfect the area and cover it with a bandage to prevent any future infections.

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