Nov 23 2011

French Nail Tips

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french nails are class and make the woman who has them, looks well cared for. although many women these days likes to show off nail flashy, but if you ask my choice, i prefer the natural look that only a french manicure can give. though with time, even the french nail designs have undergone a sea change with many salons offer a combination of natural looking nail with some innovative projects on them. the french manicure with the same creative nail design french salons offer, can be conducted even at home. just follow the tips below suggested french nail. to learn more about nail art.

easy nail tips french

before you learn how to make french nails, it is very important to understand what exactly is a french manicure. a french manicure refers to a style of doing her decal nail korean where you apply the nail white paint on the tip of the nail, while the rest of the nail are painted with a natural look polished pink or light beige enamel. to make french manicure at home, you will need to buy the french manicure kits that are available on the market. these kits generally contain all of the things that you would need, as a base and top coat, nail polish, natural white enamel and tapes guide. here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply test fingernails french. to learn more about the nail art projects with french manicure.

phase 1
with a solvent for nail polish, get rid of any previous that you may have on the nails. also, cut nails, giving them an appropriate form.

phase 2
wash your hands and nails with soap and let dry. once dry, apply the base layer on all nails. remember to keep the base layer very thin.

phase 3
apply the guide points to the bottom of the nail. now paint each nail tip with the glossy white.use shots towards the outside, namely from the guide aims to nail the end, while the polishing. let the tips they become dry. later, remove the guide tip by all nails.

phase 4
now take the natural nail polish, and apply his two hands on the underside of the nail. let the polish dry.

stage 5
in the end, applying top coat enamel. here are the most useful of nail tips french to apply the hand up on french nails every night before going to bed, to make them permanent.

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these are some suggestions that french nail will help you to get a french manicure sitting at home. french nails give a woman a very sophisticated and elegant look. however, if you want to make things a bit, or if you feel that the french nails are too narrow minded for your choice, then i would suggest that instead of using the combination of white and neutral colors, you can paint your nails with creative combination of colors, as the white and red or blue and silver. one of the most unusual french nail tips is to use dark color combinations such as red and purple or black and yellow on nail. as you can see french nails can be both sugar and spices, conservative and revolutionary, so make them in any way to highlight your personality.

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