Dec 31 2011

Mood Ring Colors and What they Mean

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men and women have adorned themselves with discount jewelry from time immemorial. and types and designs jewelry certainly evolved. from stone and bones, jewelry, to complex of platinum and diamond jewelry, there was a dramatic change in the type of jewelry worn around the world. previously only be members of the royal family and the people of the so-called “upper class”, today, almost anyone can be seen sporting a part of fashion jewelry. and among these fashion accessories, especially one that intrigues, and continued plotting owners and not owners of a mood ring. in this article we will see a different mood ring colors and what they mean. so be prepared to get fascinated by.

how the mood ring color changes

before i get into the mood ring color meanings, let us know a little about its history and how it is done. it was created by joshua reynolds, and since the era of hippie fashion was ring. ring should be able to change its color as the mood the person wearing it. weird right? let’s see how it solves this task? well, stone rings, consists of thermotropic liquid crystals. these crystals generally respond to any change in body temperature. so according to what a person feels that his or her changing body temperature. when the temperature rises or falls, the stone responds by shifting its molecules around, which in turn causes the color of change. sorry, that any explosion bubble ‘ mystical sees the stone “, that you may have been, but that, as a function of the mood ring. however, you definitely want to know what are the colors of the mood ring mean. thus, given the mood ring color chart below, which will show you an approximation of what different colors mean mood ring mean.enjoy yourselves!

what do the colors on the mood of the middle ring

i’m sure you wanted to know about the mood ring colors and what they mean, so unpretentiously archly, let’s get right to it. first, each color mood ring is positive and/or negative meaning. thus, it really comes down to what you feel at the time, and that you’ve decided to color rings. here’s a diagram gives you the possible positive and negative connotations of various colors mood ring.

colorpositive emotions emotionnegative
whitecool, settled, quiet, peacefulrestrained, unbothered, stressed, scared, indifferent, bored, shocked
shades of brownunperturbed, hope has allured adventurous, energized, adaptiverestless, nervous, worried, fearing an uproar
shades of greencalm, relaxed, happy, vozbudimyh, romantic, neutral, thoughtful, sincere, care upbeattremulous, moody, hyper-active, confused, mean, envious, jealous
shades of bluecalm, affordable, friendly, live, love, relaxed, happy, satisfiedconfused, pretentious, puzzled
shades of yellowaverage, creative, emotional, passionate, coyvague, unpredictable, confused, distracted, fear, fright, became tense, stressed
grayrelaxed, cool, neutral, peaceful, tranquilworried, depressed, sad, nervous, aloof, hollow, tired, discreet
blackpassionate, energized, excited, fiercetense, serious, afraid, sad, depression, anger, stress, pain or stone sterling silver rings does not work!

as you can see from the above chart, there are a lot of similarities and differences in mood ring colors and what they mean. some emotions that overlaps between the different colors, and sometimes, it is possible that you’ll feel just the opposite, that the ring said that you “should” be feeling. my advice would be not to take the colors mean exactly what indicated in various charts and figures. you yourself can be the judge of what you feel.and, as far as others are concerned, you can always open your mouth and ask them what they feel, instead of relying on a ring, which may or may not work.

Dec 31 2011

How to Remove Solar Nails at Home

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artificial claws were fashionable for quite sometime. in fact, the history of artificial tooth is marked back to the period of the ankh and the greeks. today, we have artificial claws into different types, such as nails, gel nails acrylic, silk wrap nails suitable claw-shortening devices, solar, etc. among these, solar claws are quickly gaining great popularity and is widely used. this article will give you some information about solar nails, especially on how to remove solar nails at home.

what are solar nails?

solar claws is a type of acrylic nails only, but it is said that the main difference between them lies in terms of quality. the solar claws is said to be from a slightly higher quality than regular acrylic. in fact, solar claws is a particular brand of acrylic nails manufactured by creative nail design vat if you are someone who likes french manicure, solar claws would be ideal for you. these artificial acrylic nails come in pink (or the natural colour of the skin) and white, as in the case of the french manicure.

the solar nails applicable in both parties-the white part at the tip of the sickle claws could, followed by the pink acrylic part in beds with suitable claw-shortening devices. the solar nails found to have more than regular gloss acrylic nails. these artificial claws does not turn yellow at, if exposed to sunlight. even if it needs refilling, should be done once every three months only. however, solar claws is expensive and it is better to be made by a famous salon with suitable claw-shortening devices. solar removal with suitable claw-shortening devices can be done at home, it is sufficient to know the correct methods. the following section discusses how to remove it yourself solar nails.

removing solar nails at home

it is not difficult to remove solar nails on your own.although it is best to apply and remove these nails from a renowned salon suitable claw-shortening devices by expert artists nail, removal can be done by yourself. given below are some ways to remove solar claws.

method i
first and foremost, get some acetone and cotton balls. you can use either the regular paint remover or acetone suitable claw-shortening devices sold in the shops beauty supply.
take a bowl acetone metal or glass (not plastic bowl), so you can dip your nails.
apply some vaseline on the ends of toes, except for the claws. the entire tip of the finger should be covered, so that your skin has not come into contact with acetone.
hold hands and immersed in acetone for at least 10-20 minutes. once the pass, then gently remove the upper layers of the solar claws with a skin tugs, and lima.
repeat this process until the solar nails removed in its entirety. once done, rinse the palms with soap and warm water and apply cream generously oil treatment to moisturise. don’t forget to polished nails, then rinse.
method ii
another method is to absorb the cotton balls into acetone and place them in claws. then, cover the edges of the fingers, along with cotton balls, with foil.
now, cover the whole palm with a towel and wrap it with a pillow. make sure the heating pad is on a low setting.
after 15 minutes, remove your hand from the heating cushion and gently remove the card, along with the cotton ball. if you are not completely removed the solar claws, repeat the procedure.
you now have a fair idea about how to remove solar stickers cartoon nail art at home. although, it is very easy, should be done gently and carefully, so as to avoid any potential for natural claw. these are easy ways to remove solar nails at has been observed that if a solar claws are of high quality, then it can be removed easily (which lasts no more than half an hour). however, the low quality products may take longer to be removed. but, if you have enough time to visit the salon suitable claw-shortening devices, then it is always better to do with the help of professional artists with suitable claw-shortening devices.

Dec 31 2011

Natural Long Nails: Manicure for Natural Nails

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everything ready for the occasion is a favorite of every woman. dress, hairstyle, makeup, shoes, bag, accessories, oh! the list just goes on. while women are not tired of doing all this, the men continue with their efforts to find at least a small fault in their clothing.

last weekend, i was preparing for a candlelit dinner with my hubby, wearing his favourite brown a clothing line. “today will be damn impressed by my appearance,” i thought. but, as he took my hand in his, has just had a look disturbing and i wondered what was wrong with him. i understand, was facing my nails. oh no! my sick-looking fingernails. how could i forget? this gave him the chance to find some flaw, even after taking long hours to be ready. next time, just that we cannot afford to forget my nails, in reality you can’t.

have long nails and maintaining them with correct manicure, is something we need to save time. natural nails look healthy long surely compliment our looks gorgeous. then, because we forget them?

most people like to have long nails. when searching for those artificial nails and then remove them, perform their natural claws are worse than before. although growth is a long nails, the cure challenge correct and regular maintenance is exactly the mantra to see your dream. go through these tips for natural long nails.

five tips for natural long nails: care and maintenance
just forget those fakes. stop using immediately.
a balanced diet rich in calcium, protein and vitamins is a must for clean and healthy nails.

stop using fingernails as instruments for the composition of a phone, the opening of a lid, etc. to wear gloves when the nails get in contact with chemicals.
cleanse and moisturize your nails you regularly. not biting the tip of the nail.
go to do a manicure once in a week to have those nails long enough looking.
although many of you might think that having a manicure done by a professional beauty is the only way to have those chic-looking fingernails, you can give it a try and experience the best results. this will save your money and give you the satisfaction of doing manicures alone, when you want.

manicure natural nail

manicure instruments:
bowl with warm water to soak nails
nail filers
nail buffer
orange stick
cuticle cream
nail polish remover-
cotton balls
base layer
nail enamel
top coat
napkin/paper towel
dip the cotton in acetone and rub it on your nail to remove traces of enamel.
soak your nails in warm water for about 5 minutes.
do all the fingernails of same length using a nail clipper.
use the nail filer if they need only small cut. given their correct shape using this filer. do not use the swing movement, file them in one direction. you can give rounded, square or rounded square nail, depending on your choice.
use the nail buffer to make the surface of the nails, too. use the harder edge and move back and forth on the nail. now use the less rough and repeat the movement. then use the smoother side to polish the fingernail.
apply the nail cuticle oil and massaging.
using the orange stick, remove dirt under fingernails and push cuticles back toward the skin.

dry decal halloween nail art with towel and make sure no residue is left.
apply the primer. it is a transparent glaze is applied before the glaze itself.
once dried properly base layer, apply a layer of glaze your desired, followed by the second. but, make sure that the first dries before starting to apply the next. let dry nails.
applying the top coat to seal the glaze color and add a shine to it.
your nails completely dry? if yes, the manicure done.
be sure to make the process above when you have time. otherwise you may end up having results not so good. how often do manicure natural nail, depends on how fast your nails grow and the amount of abuse they are subjected. manicures regularly followed by appropriate treatment is everything you need for natural nails long.

Dec 31 2011

Hawaiian Flower Temporary Tattoos

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hawaii is synonymous with his carefree attitude and tropical weather. it is also world famous for its breathtaking beautiful nature. besides all these, hawaii also known for its bright, colorful, exquisite and varied selection of flowers, is now becoming very popular as tattoos, especially among girls. hawaiian tattoo is regarded as one of the most extraordinary tattoos in the world.

the existence of hawaiian tattoos dates back to thousands of years. even today, hawaiian tattoos are very popular among young people. the traditional polynesian art of tattoos is prevalent even today and can be seen in the interpretations of modern tattoos. the traditional art symbolizes the old tribal culture. the traditional technique of inking tribal tattoo was called ‘ kakau ‘. hawaiian tattoos, which is a symbol of their culture, to express the great belief that the hawaiian people have in god. hundreds of years ago was the hawaii republican party used to collect in temples and pray for the happiness and well-being of each member of the tribe sv?rtet with hawaiian tattoos.these tattoos are used to reveal the personal identity of the hawaiian people. traditional hawaiian tattoo was made of a mixture of cane juice and kukui nuts, which would create a black ink.

types of hawaiian flowers

you must know the symbolisms of these flowers, before being hawaiian flower tattoos permanent sv?rtet on the skin.

the anthurium: it is a popular heart shaped tropical flower, symbolizing hospitality. the most popular are red in color, although they are available in a variety of colors ranging from orange, purple, white, green and pink.

hibiscus flower: the strikingly beautiful yellow hibiscus flower is the state flower of hawaii. it symbolizes the delicate beauty. hibiscus is available in a wide variety of colors such as pink, red and purple, but yellow is the most popular, while getting a tattoo. when hawaiian women wear a hibiscus behind your ear, it represents that they are ready for marriage.

orchids: the most popular orchids in hawaii is the dendrobium orchids, which are shaped like butterflies. it symbolizes a number of qualities such as love, beauty, power, grandeur and luxury, which makes it perfect to come up with your original hawaiian tattoo.

the birds of paradise flower: this flower with large blue and orange blossom looks very dramatic and looks like a bird in flight. it represents the joy and paradise. if you prefer a bright and colorful tattoo, this tattoo is perfect for you.

plumeria flower tattoo: plumeria is a tropical flower that is commonly used to make lei (a wreath in hawaii), which is used to accommodate tourists. most known for its sweet smell, its colour varies from light red, white to deep red. plumeria can often be used to highlight a different flower as a hibiscus. this may, however, tattoo also slandered as a primary design due to its simplicity and elegance. this flower is historically connected with life and reproduction. when plotted in a lei, it may symbolize the hospitality and warmth.

to make your tattoos boys temporary look original and interesting, you can combine your tattoos with other symbols, such as hula girls, or ocean waves, which also has a connection with the island of hawaii. these flower tattoos are often seen on parts of the body, like the foot, shoulder, arm, ankle and hip area. read more about flower tattoo design.

hawaiian flower tattoos is an ideal choice for all who are looking for simple, exquisite, beautiful and unpretentious designs. those who choose these patterns can be native on the island or have inherited relations with the island. it can also just be a tribute to culture, or a way to revive the memory of their stay in hawaii, whether a romantic holiday, a relaxing holiday or surf on the beaches.

regardless of whether it is just for memories or a connection with the famous island, or just for the exquisite beauty and aesthetic value, are hawaiian flower tattoos absolutely worth the body art!

Dec 31 2011

Dolphin Temporary Tattoo

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such a beautiful dolphin tattoo, covering a wide range of the sea, such as dolphin and zooming across the ocean to s. this is because the cow tattoo looks to move very quickly through the s at sea, almost as if the direction is home to the rest of the dolphin family. i’ve seen a lot of tattoo stickers is a small dolphin tattoo on the back of the shoulder, or somewhere in the ankle area. most of these very small size, tattoos, and artists are usually doing some experimenting with a mixture of different colour combinations.

1000s of printable tattoo designsi i’ve seen a dolphin tattoo is designed to be a guy that, denver, a variety of green, red and blue, the ocean looks as if it were somewhere on another planet. almost like the dolphins born somewhere else, and came to earth to help save the human race. there was a girl with whom i met, that there was a dolphin tattoo, tattoo, this mixed a whale was one of the neatest tattoo i’ve seen. only one image with the dolphin, whale and jumped out of the ocean’s most breathtaking. i would like to receive such a tattoo, a blink of an eye, if it was my time this week.

Dec 31 2011

Temporary Tattoos Of Stars

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tattoos of the stars are exposed today. in fact, the tattoos from the stars isn’t t subjects that i m really going to talk about it directly. no, i want to talk about a complete and total lack of originality people display when they receive a tattoo stars as the inked on his skin. this design is technically proficient, but pretty much just s positive that i can say about it. they just made a line of stars that flow along the top of her legs.

1000s of printable tattoo designsand are all five stars, no variety whatsoever! and dull it up even more, she decided to get this tattoo stars done all in black. i look to this theme and error kind of physical abnormalities and not a work of art. but, i have to give the lady a little credit. on the quality of the redemption of this tattoo design. and that should be deployed. not only traces the top in a cool place to get inked, but it also s site that is very difficult for the tattoo. plus, my position allows the woman to hide the ugly heart fake tattoos i want her to do right now.

Dec 31 2011

Love Temporary Tattoo Designs

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tattoos are tell a story using words. on the art of the tattoo and body, this is not deleted, signs, religious beliefs, and a status symbol marking the symptoms of penalties formats as a declaration of love, personal ornament is worn. euridice of other reasons to wear a tattoo. love is a very popular tattoo designs for couples. some of them declared their immortal love and wear some of your own immortal love memory wear. whatever the reason, i love being in love forever is a sign of tattoo designs. here are a few love tattoo patterns and their meanings.

love tattoo designs and symbols meanings

heart tattoo
love heart tattoo designs, top tattoo designs. most heart reflects the passion and love, adoration, d?vmeleri. however, depending on their design, have very different connotations. bleeding heart d?vmeleri heart represents love lost. broken heart, needless to say, means a rejection, dejection and failed relationship. swords and arrows shows the tattoo heart pierced by an unforgettable memories upset. stand for valor and treachery with the dagger of hearts. finally, the wings of the spirit of freedom-wikipedia, the free and unlimited with hearts, a representation of love.

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lip tattoo
girls love the lips tattoo designs. become a part of the body, sensuality and sexuality that appears in the lips, a definitive explanation. lips are tactile and erogenous organ, lip tattoo represents a deep sexual desire. on the other hand, a man lip tattoo shows her sexual appeal, remains a draw. so in fact, as a lip tattoo, sincerity, arousal and stimulating stands for.

cupid tattoo
according to roman mythology, the god of love in god. the name comes from the word, meaning desire cupido cupid. cupid is usually seen as a symbol of valentine’s day, a child is shown with a bow and arrow, whimsy. thus, a request for true love, cupid innate. this love is used usually to commemorate a lifetime love tattoo.

wedding bands
wedding sterling silver charms is a popular as love tattoo design. they represent the continuity and stability. they remain in fear of losing them forever and ever. to save money so that the tattoo, wedding ring, and a great idea for couples who want to constantly stuck to each other! a wedding ring shows commitment and stability tattooed.

rose tattoo
intended as a love for the rose tattoo, eonlar?ndan. this may be a cliche, but he stood the test of time and a very famous love tattoo has been proven as a symbol that is used for. this symbolizes the purity of love, and a sweet scent. interestingly, rose, i love tattoos temporary for men for men and women is a popular design. this unisex tattoo passion, chastity, and reflects the words forever beautiful, ‘ i love you ‘. however, the rose tattoo meaning changes colors. white roses, peace and respect for, and stands for joy and happiness with a yellow rose. shows the sympathy and admiration rose and light pink red rose shows just love at first sight. old times a white rose to symbolize virginity. read more about flower tattoo.

love for the sake of a wide range of tattoo designs, very love. hopefully, these meanings and sembolle?me love to do and admit the right way to help you find the immortal also.

Dec 30 2011

Silver Jewelry Cleaner

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i just love wearing a silver jewelry. is it a formal opportunity or everyday, i always prefer silver over other metals, as far as jewelry. my preferences are making a lot of the shine, beauty and gloss that only the silver can be added to a resident. maintaining and cleaning silver jewelry pieces, is not a joke. although silver cleaning substances are most wisely used the silver jewelry cleaning, i prefer your own home-made silver jewelry cleaner bills. this is the most powerful silver cleaning methods, that the three, i have to take advantage of.

cleaning silver jewelry cleaner jewelry natural

things required
aluminium use, water, food, soda, salt, a piece of fabric (100% cotton).

procedure for the
fill in the aluminium, use two cups in an water and keep it boiling.
when the water starts boiling, remove it from the stove. now put your silver jewelry items, which is to clean it.
add two teaspoons diet soda in the water. press and hold the silverware in this mixture for about twenty minutes.
after twenty minutes, turn off the silver jewelry piece of water and wash it with water.
now take the cotton cloth or special silver jewelry cleaner on the screen, which is available on the market today, and very gently rub the surface of the silver jewelry.
this process would eliminate the private your silver jewelry. if, however, some still remain, repeat the whole process again for the second time.
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things required
glass bowl, water, ammonia, horsehair silver brush, a piece of cotton fabric.

procedure for the
take a glass of water in a bowl and fill it with two cups in an. add a half cup of ammonia in the water.
now take the horsehair silver brush, 10 seconds, then to put the solution please and pensaikkoa silver, very gently, with it.
put the silver jewelry pieces in the solution and leave it for about 20 minutes.

after twenty minutes, turn off the silver jewelry pieces, and wash them with water.
finally, the silver pieces with a cotton cloth, very hankaa gently, and remove the excess water.
cleaning silver jewelry toothpaste

things required
toothpaste (non-geelipohjaisia), toothbrush soft bristles, cotton fabric, lukewarm water.

contact toothpaste and, within it around the silver jewelry. make sure to cover nurkkia and angles as well.
the surface of the silver betsey johnson jewelry for a few minutes are considered to be chafing, and toward the edge until you see the black tummua to be confused with toothpaste and give it a black color.
take a toothbrush and gently with the hangata to the surface of the jewelry. this should remove the remainder of the tarnish from jewelry.
now take the warm water and wash away all the impurities and excess toothpaste out of the jewelry.
finally, the pure silver jewelry with a soft cloth.
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silver jewelry cleaning tips
silver jewelry cleaning mentioned above are very unobtrusive and, therefore, ditches will not cause any injury to the silver medal. regular cleaning and removing from silver jewelry pieces liata is very important to avoid all the stubborn tummua build. provision should be made for saving jewelry pieces too. each ornament is placed in an airtight plastic bag, to keep separate from the year in order to avoid the damage caused by the may hangata against each other. finally, the cloth or brush that you are using a jewelry cleaning in order to avoid any scratches on the soft surface. these precautions and regular maintenance, your silver jewelry will shine forever.

Dec 30 2011

Nail Fungus: Toenail Fungus Treatment and Home Remedies

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increase imagewh you have nail fungus?
also known as onychomycosis, nail fungus is very common throughout the world. nail fungus is caused by tiny organisms that infect fingernails and toenails.

nail fungus growth occurs under the fingernails or toenails, making it difficult to reach, and cure times. fungus thrives in places that are warm, damp and dark. this is the reason why many, wearing shoes consistently warmer climates is toenail fungus infection.

common causes of toenail fungus
toenails are more influenced by nail fungus than fingernails. this is because the ideal conditions in the breeding of fungal toenails. toenail fungus occurs when a fungus gets under the toenail.

common causes of toenail fungus can include:
-break-the helping fungus to enter.
-foot-mouth, which is poor because back in a very tight-fitting shoes.
-wearing the same shoes the day without allowing them to dry thoroughly between wearing them.
c most people cut nails are very close to the skin, causing a small number of wound. these reductions allows the fungus to enter and spread.
-if your feet are wet for extended periods of time, the chances of getting fungus growing.

signs of toenail fungus
there are some signs and symptoms that warn you of toenail fungus.

-toenail get puff
-toenail get brittle
-toenail will keep getting chipped
-toenail get yellow, black or brown hue or spots
-toenail get thick and pain, but wearing shoes
-unpleasant smell emitted under toenails
-walking, subungual skin feel stinging pains due to fungal infection.

home remedies to treat toenail fungus
when you notice any symptoms of toenail fungus you can follow some home remedies that are going to be very effective to prevent the spread of the fungus before it spreads. toenail fungus is contagious, so the sooner you will eliminate the fungus, the better.

following are a few home remedies, which uses commonly available ingredients, to stop the growth of fungi and ultimately to prevent it.

fill the basin with warm water and vinegar in equal parts (the vinegar will do, but apple cider vinegar has proven to be effective). soak your toenails this solution is approximately 20 minutes. wipe your fingers and claws thoroughly with a dry towel and then with super absorbent paper. this should be done twice a day until the symptoms disappear.

tea tree oil
tea tree oil has many uses. tea tree oil is a natural and powerful fungicide and an antiseptic agent. rub the affected toenails with wool soaked in tea tree oil. do this twice a day, morning and just before bedtime (three times if possible) in order to maximise the effect while the fungus is gone.

almost all homes have the mouthwash. soak the affected toenails in listerine for about 20 minutes, twice a day. antiseptic to help eradicate the fungus.

rubbing alcohol
rubbing alcohol is readily available at any pharmacy. soak the affected toenails rubbing alcohol for about 20 minutes, twice daily (morning and just before bedtime). thoroughly dried using super absorbent tissue paper.

hydrogen peroxide (3%)
hydrogen peroxide (3%) are readily available at any pharmacy. soak the affected toenails in pure hydrogen peroxide (3%) 20 minutes twice a day (morning and just before bedtime). some may feel pure undiluted solution is a bit harsh. mix half water and half hydrogen peroxide and soak feet. dry super absorbent paper towel.

vick’s vaporub
use a toenail fungus treatment of vick’s efficiency is not very clear. many have found that using vick to the affected toenails have helped, and many have found no benefit. vick is known to contain the growth of fungi, not eliminate it. you’ll need to use vick until the infected toenails grow and replace it. usually it is advisable to try other options, not this one.

try to avoid public shower and bathroom, because these are areas where the fungus to grow, and you can be infected with the fungus behind someone else. never use nail clippers that belongs to someone else for the same reason. whenever you get your nail art metallic sticker in reverse, make sure that the nail clipper has been disinfected. nail fungus is spreading, so when you know you have nail fungus to get the cure.

if you are not wearing the sandals from you for a long time because of toenail fungus, try home remedies. in most cases, nothing at all, they work very effectively. get this unused sandals, you will need to flaunt your beautiful nails in a very short time from now.

Dec 30 2011

Gel Nails at Home

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those who do not really understand them, and blessed are women who have great, great nails, which can be painted in different colours and patterns. however, you don’t have to feel bad that you do not have them, because with the advent of the nails gum, every woman can afiszowa? slim fingers with these enhancements, nail. nail gel in principle, be used as a way to improve the appearance of nail with gel, which twardnieje at the time. the nail can be painted or designed in such a way that you want to. going to the licensed salon or nail care techniques is one way to obtain these accessories for nail, are also sets, which allow the use of nails gum at home, alone. here are some tips on how to use nails gum.

how do nails gum at home

before we look at the process for applying gum nails at home, wishing to understand some of the features that make it a better choice than acrylic nails. for one, the nails gum are odourless, compared with their counterparts in acrylic. the risk of infection of nail gel is much less than acrylic nails. they also do not odpryskuje as do acrylic nails. therefore, there is no comparing the acrylic water transfer nail art decal nails gum vs when you know which one is the better choice for you. now that you are aware, here’s how the nails gum at home.
for the purposes of applying the nails gum at home, must be the first purchase. choose the one that provides adequate instructions, and one that is known on the market. this is a good idea to consult with the technician nail care products before you buy these sets.
wash hands and nails thoroughly. remove nail polish, which stosowa?e? and cut and file the nails to be smooth.
buff nail so they get rid of their natural gloss and cutting the skin.
take a paznokcia available in the set, and the shape of the board the emery for the natural shape of the paznokcia.

impose a layer of glue are available in the set, and allow to dry.
using brushes to apply gel for nails, as want to nail polish. however, ensures that the gel is applied to the skin around the nail. however, whenever it happens, hold the ball with cotton at hand, to erase the surplus.
as only the gel, dip nail powder, which is available in the set and leave to dry. repeat this process to apply gel on all fingers, on the other layer.
take the shape of the tip of the nail gel and apply a drop of glue to put the natural plate paznokcia. hold the nail gel at angle of 45 degrees, and simply move it into place, the glue. set, as it must, before stwardnieje. hold the nail in place until it respects the natural plate paznokcia completely. repeat this step for all of the nail.
after the application of special liquid nail polish or oil on the epidermis and nails.
paint and design nails nail selection.
although numerous sets are available to use nails gum at home, is not indicated for the first time. if you do not have the process done professionally and he is everything, do not attempt this alone, because it really is slow job. in addition, the nails gum cost nearly the same in sets, as in the living room. if you do not know how to remove the nails gum, you can have trouble if the nails are not correctly applied. remove nail gel is much more onerous than the application process. as simple as can be, always consult with a nail technician, who will help with the nail-care before and after applying the nails gum at home.