Dec 06 2011

Embroidery Floss Bracelets

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often we were exchanging gifts with our friends, friendship charms for bracelets and slides are good gifts. to add a personal touch to your gift, you can make your friendship bracelets. it is often used or embroidery floss node topics this handmade friendship bracelets. embroidery thread in these wristbands indication of strong association between friends. friendship bracelets are available in a variety of techniques and styles.

you can craft embroidery thread friendship bracelets and gift them to your friends we make them feel special. and they love to tie their hands. believe me, drafting bracelet does not require much time and effort and it’s simple and easy. and the best part is that inexpensive!

you can start with a simple style and as you get more experience you can make more sophisticated patterns, and try to design your own. here are the steps to make the friendship bracelet embroidery thread.

how to make friendship bracelet?

things required:
embroidery floss
measuring tape
hide the ribbon
steps to make the friendship bracelet embroidery thread:
take the four colors of thread embroidery thread. break strand 25 inches from each thread embroidery.
tie knot of two inches in the upper part of the branches of the thread.
tape side pinned with strands of thread on the surface of the work or clip it to the clipboard.
spread branches thread. from now on will refer to as branch 1 branch 2, 3 and 4 strand strand. strand 1, begins a more strand 2. branch (2) and drag the node until it becomes warm.
now, consider the strand (1) and make double node along the strand 3 and 4 strand.
again, enter branch (2) making double node with strand 3, 4 and 1 strand strand.
repeat this process with strand 3 and 4, one after the other.
when this is finished, the tie knot to secure the end.
you can add colored pill before the end node.
special embroidery thread bracelet now ready to be tied around the wrist. wasn’t that easy? you may also want to know more about how to make friendship bracelets.

embroidery thread bracelet color schemes

you can use different colors for the preparation of special friendship bracelet thread embroidery, like primary colors c red, yellow and blue, or secondary-orange, green and violet. use dark colors with white is one of my favorite groups. you can also try a combination of light and dark shades of the same color.there is another system called, similar to the color scheme, which uses two or more colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, to yellow, for example, violet. some other possible schemes are white and red/pink on valentine’s day, yellow, pink, pale green for easter or you can go for a patriot-red, blue and white. you will not be the best combination, and your favorite color with the color of your favorite spot. this shows also that although both you have different options, you’re still bonded to each other. and your bond strong as held at friendship bracelet.

he reportedly “friends are chocolate chips in the cake of life”. don’t wait for the day of friendship. these wristbands you gift anytime. it would be the best gift for summer class buddies or friends high school and after graduation. wristbands embroidery thread, souvenirs to be aziz strongly friends.

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