Dec 30 2011

Temporary Tattoo History – A Brief History of Tattoos and Body Art

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humanity has always sought to enhance their looks. therefore, jewellery, clothes and other accessories also present since time incarnate. one of the oldest known human nature itself and decorative way was the tattoo. here’s a short history of the tattoo.

use all kinds of purposes since the tattoo, since times are dawning. over the years, they served as the symbol of symbols, the rank, seniority, or juniorok, symbols of spirituality, devotion, religion, bonuses and awards of courage, amulets, talizmnok and security. tetovlsok can also be used as a symbol that the punishment, slavery and beliefs acould not bworship. tattoo was one of the most commonly used in body art.

the word tattoo comes from the polynesian word ‘ tatao “, which literally means to tap or select someone else. the word is formed by captain james cook 1769-ben. the original way of tattoo is definitely far more brutal than it is today. it would be a pointed comb and then move the body with soot. the fad, and then spread the polynesian tahitians and the europeans.

proof of use tattoos temp angel wings as long as 5,000 years ago, have already been uncovered. modern archaeology has found evidence of the tattoo is used with the egyptian, roman, greek and japanese regions.

greeks in general, the tetovlsok, to indicate to slavery. the incans majk, aztec tattoos used and known. tetovlsok is used in the trade mark, or sometimes a symbol of tribal group or with first detail.

tattoo was used for other purposes in different regions. tattoo in egypt the pyramids have been as before. tetovlsok of the greeks especially forwards messages between spies. the asian world, used to denote a woman comes to the tattoos age or the date of marriage. tetovlsok used in japan, and other ceremonial religious purposes purposes. tetovlsok also used to persuade the sexuality of a person. the tetovlsok japan, we have women in borneo.

women in borneo was the first that can be used to denote status and location of the tetovlsok in life, the owner of the tattoo.

the induction of the tattoo was the western labor william dapher. he was travelling to the southern seas. he introduced a heavily tatooed prince giolo in the western world, the so-called “painted prince. he later gave the huge popularity of bikes in exhibitions.a hundred years later, became a famous tattoo in america. the studio was born in new york kept chatam american-style tetovlst. the first patented by tetra samuel o’reilly tetovl machine in america. already set up shop in the chatam studio space and shelter for the working class

rich people. the first machine was based on the edison electric pen, which burst in the paper. the death of samuel o’reilly was the apprentince, charles wagner took over the business. wagner formed the lew alberts.

perhaps the most famous tattoo theme was the dragon. around three types of dragon, which has included almost all of these because of the diversity of the artist tetovl tetovlsok. in addition, dragons generally known and is a universal appeal.

dragon tetovlsok, very good on the skin than others. dragon tetovlsok can create color and black and white. today, the people of the tattoo is used in all areas of life. previously, only the people in the working class is used to make themselves tattooed. the audience is well-heeled away from the tattoos.

previously, the less tetovl salon hygiene and was one of the main reasons for which people can receive b?rfert?zsek or even aids. today, however, offer less and less hygienic and tattoo their clients provide adequate security for the skin and other diseases were previously attributed to tattoos.

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