Jan 12 2012

Fingernail Designs

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nail designs are cool, funky ways to express what you mean. you can paint the nails nail polish smiley emoticons and express what you feel, or paint designs on the nails of the season. if you go to school, you can pull out some of the geometric symbols, etc. on the nails. if you are going to class music, you can paint fun notes on the nails. below are the basic steps of the imposing easy designs on the nails, paznokciem and different ideas for cool nail designs on the nail sticker short or long nails.

how to get a nail designs?
there are different ways to paint the fingernails with a cool design. the easiest way is to paint the nails backing nail paint, and keep the small sweet stickers on the nails. however, if you want to paint the nails themselves, and then you can paint it yourself by using brushes, nail art. if you do not have a brush, you can do with plastic cone with a small tips. then fill it a little bit of paint to the nail, near the upper hole of the eraser and use a fine tip for drawing different designs on the nails. however, if you still don’t have the time you can simply buy a ready-made project designs paznokcia and stamp it on paznokciach.
the first step is to assemble all the things you will need to paint the fingernails.
then the notebook wzorniczej you plan to use the nail.
then using paint and nail nails paint with the background and leave to dry.
using the brush designs on the nails carefully.
let dry nail design and apply some shine, if you want to.
then finally the clear nail polish, to obtain extra shine on the nails and nail-care.
nail design ideas
with these tips, you can paint any designs on the fingers and fingernails. but if you have a problem with the ideas, here are some ideas to get started.

fruit of the nails: to try this on for nails, think of some fruit.then pull out a few simple designs on notepad fruit like watermelon, pineapple, banana, apple, etc. then the colored paints and paint the fruits on the yellow paint and nail.

music on the nails: nail paint on white background, paints of different shapes of the nut as keys, half note, eighth note, accommodation, etc. the nails black nail polish.

school scene: paint the nails nails backing, which is in blue. then paint simple shapes, pencil, eraser, school bags, etc. on the nails. you can also try to paint the rulers of the nails, and then paint class for ruler, painting the nail.

funky nails: indian paint the diagonal funky bright colored bars on the nails. make sure that the coordination of the color the same for all of the nail.

the name of the nails: you can paint the nails varnish base in any color to the selection. then the colors, contrasts the base color, paint letters your nick about it.

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these were the various tips for nail projects for children. so, go creative and use these tips to develop cool and funky nail decorations of the fingers. if you get stuck on the imagination, you can also use some of these ideas as the funky bars, nails, music on the nails, the name of the nails, etc.

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