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Wire Crochet

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wire crochet upcoming art in recent years, in particular wire knitting with all karoliukais, it looks stylish, many colors as part of the project. wire crochet is obviously based on knitting and crocheted seams, very suitable for even beginners to start. from its task with simple crochet projects, for example, necklaces, bracelets, barrettes and earrings will help you cope with the stitches faster and will give you the skill is the most fun wire crocheted and easiest ways. with this move may slow the progress, and bead mini jerseys sacks, bags, little bags and etc. a separate element may be granted, it seems desirable, beads or wire, or metallic appearance. these additives are indeed young girls become worn fashion conscious women, as well as the eye.

knitting abbreviations

cycle (s) ~ lp (s)
stitch (s) ~ g (s)
slip stitch (s) ~ sl g
yarn too ~ ~ yo
the chainsaw ~ ch
crocheting with wire necklace

this wire crochet necklace pattern looks stunning but gorgeous bride, almost all the awe-inspiring, grabbing onto her walking down the row looks. it strictly complies with the younger not only, but all the young girls wear may wear them too, for example, jeans and casuals sheets. this sparkling beaded necklace is totally karoliukais and is just fun to wear. remember one thing, curl, beaded necklace, use less than tamboradata, that the loop of wire beads.

beaded pearl necklace
necessary material

chain pliers
round pliers
side cutters
tamboradata (size 0)
silver wire round 26 gauge half-hard (1 troy ounce, approximately 76 ft)
5-6 mm earth tone potato pearl mix
16 mm round toggle clasp with decorative flowers (silver)
1 22 inch? gauge head pin (silver)

step # 1: 1/2 hard wire, 26 gauge, i.e., the string of pearls and the use of 45 tamboradata crochet 14 sts chain before you add the beads on the wire.

step # 2: crochet 45 ground pearls, and complete it with 14 st. joseph.

step # 3: the finish wire wrapped necklace by adding buckle expending ftas.

step # 4: the final step is now over. gem of a string on the head pin and link it to the buckle wrapped fresh eil. this should be done on the side of the switch wires lp.

so does your project turned out to be a lovely beaded pearl choker on his neck as you want!

here is another wire crochet pattern, so that you can create and wear on any occasion. this is gold filled wire crocheted necklace, composed of easy stitches and some lacy edging. take the simplest homemade model, you can create as a gift to your loved ones.

gold filled necklace,
necessary material

master wire sculptor wire
steel tamboradata (size 0)
gold hook clasp
28 gauge round dead soft gold filled wire (1 ounce)
wire cutters

step # 1: this first step, you have to formulate the first row of crochet. ch 4, skip 1 ch and then 1 again within the next three chains, one after the other. immediately place the tamboradata, st 1 line.

step # 2: now start from row 1, the next three are picked up until there are 4 lps in your tamboradata the pbs. cornering is quite differently, so turn off the wire necklace. yo and pull up through 2 lps another three times. still doesn’t solve.

step # 3: now begins in row 2. insert a vertical wire hook that is originates, or the last in the queue. do this three times. you have noted here, that the insertion of the last lp covers as well. what do you see? or there is the following 4 lps on hook? yes! this is excellent. well, the year and pull up over 2 pbs all three times. you don’t have to turn your work.

step # 4: rep row 2 and working until your wire necklace measures about 18 ‘. when you reach that priri?a him gently.

step # 5: now hooks pull the pbs, which from both sides.

step # 6: rolling pin gently roll the necklace, too.

step # 7: about wire necklace tails, in an orderly fashion sewing the ends of the straps hook and slinging linking it off.

in this way, your wire crochet necklace design is ready!

crocheting with wire jewelry

similarly, with just a bit of colorful, sparkling lights up wire and beads, you can make objects to the host from the bridal jewelry to cozies ?alikus, all of which are adapted to the crocheted. crocheted with the cables or the traditional method of yarn yarn is quite new, all metal decorations create a unique look and adjust their clothing. wire crochet can be used for excellent and inexpensive pair of piercing or the technology itself may be used in graceful hands bracelet. let’s see how to do the same.

wire knitting earrings
necessary material

wire cutters
size d tamboradata
from 4 to 6 mm beads
3? ft. metal wire
jewelry pliers
earrings back

step # 1: wire crochet jewelry model, this first step, you have to do, slip knot to begin with. make the end of the lp with the long too short, and too long to pull the rear of tamboradata lp. now draw a short wire until the node is formed and the pbs-inch 1/6 1/8 higher than the tamboradata handle. when you reach this, wire the next lp.

step # 2: in this step, you need to make four lps consist of chain. make a chain stitch draw cord through the lp until another lp is formed of the same size. keep working until there are five circuit stitch, pbs formed chain.

step # 3: don’t forget to close the circuit at the time of the third stage in the middle of the wheel. insert tamboradata into the first and last lp and draw cord through both of these lps. this will make another lp (slip a cross), which remains on the hook.

step # 4: make the second chain stitch consist of two lps. just like in step 2, in this step, you will have the second chain stitch over a circle. in this way, you will have two. pbs over a circle, i.e. the basic slip knot on the left. yo tamboradata, and the gear to the next step.

step # 5: step 5 is circle line added. from the previous step, insert the tamboradata into the middle of the cord attached to the wheel and to free up the hook. yo tamboradata, on the back of the hole and draw through lp front towards the centre. what do you notice? or are the three lps on the hook, right? pull the long end of the wire through all three lps and there you will have one lp left on the hook. with these three lps for the tamboradata process to repeat all around the circle.

step # 6: in this step, you will safely ensure earrings advantage. to do this, remove the hook is after the last stitch in the previous step. then copy the 6 ‘ length of the wire and thread it up and one lp, one through another lp lp. finally, pull it down, very gently and firmly. this activity should be performed using their hands, a loop of wire.

step # 7: the finish step. here, you should take the wire and finish over the crochet stitch towards the end of the inner wheel. add a colored karoliuk? and immediate inner circle from the broadcast through the other side of the stitch.

step # 8: this is the last step of wire crochet earrings. protect your auskar? back to the hand-wheel with the ultimate wire support. you must connect that with many of the pbs. bury wire and gently to reduce it.

this way, the wire, crochet auskar? is fairly easy and inexpensive. you don’t need any audio knowledge or skills, completion of the project, in particular wire crochet in the light of certain simple crochet stitches, slip crochet stitch, for example, chain stitching, etc. similarly, wire crochet jewelry works just like yarn crocheted makes, and how. only the difference between the creativity of metal jewelry, which is created from this method. let us now see the metal bracelet with many colors karoliukais and wiring.

wire-crochet bracelets
necessary material

wire cutters
jewelry wire
tamboradata size (i)
jewelry closure

step # 1: take the jewels the wire coils and try to connect a few colorful beads on it.beads, still attached to the row number is equivalent to the number that your wire crochet jewelry model design. let’s use this example to start 10 of coral. string beads on the wire and prepare all your project with the working wire crochet.

step # 2: with a length of chain stitches with your tamboradata the wire support. remember just how the size of the wire with the yarn, the stitches would be undermined with a size of tamboradata. use a strong tamboradata such that the surface is scratched. with hook size, form a chain of 20 sts. (it is advisable to measure the circumference of your wrist.)

step # 3: 1 in the second chain from the hook and chain, form a single crochet next g st. crochet a beaded one. to do that, add the tamboradata, another chain and wire pull up yo, i.e. lp. now slide the hook next to your karoliukas supply directly from the wire spool base. draw wire crochet through its tamboradata and pull it through the remaining two lps on hook. now, what you’ve done here, you have made one karoliukas between the stitches and crochet stitch on a regular basis. continue this process throughout the entire length of your foundation chain.

step # 4: only one in step 4, then flip the circuit that one row to the next row crochet one of st. joseph. just make sure that, at this stage, to avoid including the beads. not that any of them left, because you must be used to them to their previous row. a quick look at the end of the sequence and clip the wire nearly 3 4 ‘ down. to wrap this additional wire several times around the charms for bracelets section, which is open, use your fingers to the ends of the clip it again. in addition, the downward direction with repli? bent tip to avoid sharp edges.

step # 5: this is the last step. here to add straps or complete the bracelet, which is the short edge. wear a metal bracelet around your wrist and clasp it tight.be happy and proud that just finished with my wire crochet bracelet project!

wire crochet is a great way to combine your crochet skills with your favorite jewelry models. we hope that with these easy and simple to wire crochet jewelry long necklaces and low-end models, you must have learned to turn your entire piece differently.

Feb 29 2012

Natural Cure for Nail Fungus

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nail fungal infections, also called onychomycosis, is a common problem that many of us are not addressed in the early stages. it started with a small spot type of cream or yellow under the affected nail, then results in discoloration nail, rough, and at times, the split of the plate from the nail. fortunately, the symptoms can be treated as effective natural cure for nail fungus, we will discuss in this article.

natural cure for nail fungus: explained

considering the fact that fungi thrive in warm temperatures and wet conditions, fungus toenail is a more common occurrence than infection of the nails. when the status is still not under control, the infection worsens, causing the split nail fungal nail and the spread of its neighbors. to solve the uncomfortable symptoms of fungal nails, mentioned below, is a brief highlight of natural cure for nail fungus.

follow nail care protocols
before starting with any form of treatment for toenail fungus or nail, follow the steps precisely nail care is very important to remove the factors responsible for the growth of fungal nails. nail clean daily with soap and water, antibacterial and pat to dry. during infection, it is best to keep nails short and long.

apply tea tree oil
when it comes to remedy consequences of natural cure for fungus or nail fungus, one cannot miss the tea tree oil lubrication. this essential oils work against the bacteria that causes and killing it. most patients get impressive results after regular use tea tree oil for treating toenail fungus.

soak in the vinegar apple
the best natural cure for nail fungus exposure of nails affected to apple vinegar. because the development of fungal strains were inhibited in the environment acid, vinegar works well in treating nail fungus, toenail fungus.in the case of non-availability, use plain white vinegar twice per day, until the symptoms disappear.

be treated with hydrogen peroxide
a nail fungus treatment home remedy yeast infected nails with diluted solutions of hydrogen peroxide. you can buy 3% hydrogen peroxide from your local pharmacy. take a q-tip, dip into the water of oxygen and rub on the affected nail. repeat 2-3 times per day, and mushrooms will disappear slowly.

try chlorine bleaching
chlorine bleach proof is a nail fungus cure, when applied on the nails clean. use a mild solution by mixing the flour bleaching and water. clean your feet and sticker korean nail dab dry with clean towel. for application, soaking the cotton into the solution and wipe your nails with it. wash your legs after 10-15 minutes. if your skin is sensitive to bleach, consider using a good skin moisturizing lotions.

soak in the listerine
believe it or not, listerine product is good for nail fungal treatment at home, especially in the early stages. soaking affected fingernails in there for 15 minutes daily, and within the next two weeks, fungal nails will disappear. likewise rubbing vicks vaporub, alcohol and gave effective results to treat toenail fungus natural way.

other useful tips
talk about treatment of toenail fungus and remedial measures at home, avoid wearing socks and shoes, when they backed out of the mold growth by providing conditions of warmth. shoes and sandals are better alternatives to shoes. if possible, reduce the humidity of the infected nails and make sure that you keep them dry at all times. also, don’t use public swimming pools, or go barefoot in areas like that.

according to the severity of the symptoms, the healing decision best for fungus nails in your case is nothing and proceed accordingly.follow natural cure for nail fungus is the first sign of infection, to achieve quick results in the destruction of the fungus eats protein nails. for some people, the issues related to nail fungal infections is the possibility of recurrent infections, even after solving the first episode effectually. an approach to prevent repeated infection, patients need to take care of your nails and keep the trigger elements at bay.

Feb 29 2012

How to Get Rid of Fingernail Ridges

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the claws are actually active layers and difficult for a beard system of skin like my case. healthy nail is smooth with no color change, signs, dots, etc. he was anderson, but men tend to develop this symptom due to various reasons. his claws are among some of the watershed of the claws in humans frequently asked questions. richardson said his (small) can be vertical or horizontal. while vertical ones that run from the base of the claws at the end as most as part of a horizontal wrinkle people usually associated with certain symptoms of illness. although thompson his fingernail vertically sometimes indicate poor health especially if it comes with changing colors. san he horizontally with a pale color, depth and intensity may be caused by respiratory diseases, heart disease, etc., if you want to do with this issue and here is a tip about how to get rid of the thompson, he is a fingernail.

what causes ridges with fingernail

therefore his fingernail to watershed portrait or landscape. people, vertical, said natural person, but in most cases can be an indicator of landscape of health problems. richardson, he claws may develop due to various reasons such as deficient, lacking the moist, improper nail care, genetics, etc. in fact, richardson he developed vertically on the claws are actually part of the structure of parentheses. as the nail plate grows, moving on the bed to accommodate new cells, nail. by age level, oil and humidity of this evidence shows it depletes nail describes the occurrence of watershed, he vertically on brackets as part of the old process. diseases of the skin, the disease piece silver can also cause a watershed in his fingernail.

darkness and depth richardson he horizontally is called beau line of possibly missing nutrient (especially iron and zinc lack),nail injuries, use of some addictive drugs, chemical treatment as if their richardson fingernail horizontally as always. better to seek opinion of doctor to rule out possible of any disease, but this does not mean that in all cases the horizontal curly thompson he caused some medical conditions, it is better to seek your doctor’s opinion if you have deep fingernail richardson he faded wash and vertical. while portions of the watershed they vertically as a temporary fixed as other people. temporary workers may disappear within 4-6 months, thompson his fingernail at the most viewed as anxiety over health problems, so cosmetics let us see how to maintain the vertical fingernail.

how to cure fingernail ridges

above anderson his fingernail can be either a regular portion of the wrinkle or other health problems because some. some can be serious, so it is always better to check state regulations of the basic disease. if there are such reasons, the cause is sufficient to maintain watershed, he claws. otherwise, you may resort to any of the following guidelines on how to get rid of his fingernail thompson.
buff butterfly nail sticker gently and correctly, this can help you get rid of the watershed they fingernail. if your nails have some, use caution when cutting, so to avoid damage to the nail plate.
you may use the watershed talks to phil nail smoother. this can be followed by applying fingernail. this method is also useful in hiding his fingernail anderson effectively.
if you want to get rid of the claws starting to drink the drink at least eight to ten day glass. this is because of the lack of water and lack of damp is among the possible reasons for their recreation, such as nail.
you must go for a balanced meal of many vegetables. in addition, you may use the vitamin supplement if necessary but, check product per your doctor’s instructions.
some people use olive oil as a drug for recreation in his fingernail. dip your nails in olive oil in daily life are mentioned as useful for the structure of these associations.
now that you have a basic understanding about how to fix it is better he watershed fingernail up to prevent this condition by appropriate nail care. even the food balance and adequate quantities of water may prove useful in preventing nails from developing watershed. when they appear, consult your doctor to find out whether there is any basis for keeping it if yes immediately. otherwise resort to the above remedy for eliminating the watershed’s fingernail, he said:

Feb 29 2012

Why Should People Get Temporary Tattoos?

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tattoos are body art that helps to portray himself. it is a gesture of romanticism, the independence and the art. throughout history, primitive human tribes have used the decorative art of the body to represent the internal condition of tribe qualities, personal accomplishments and personality traits. certain colors can represent success in love or war, while the various animal imagery could suggest a desirable character trait. everyone has a reason only to make a tattoo. some people like to have a tattoo because they want to be unique from others, who want to express their thoughts or who want to preserve a memory with them forever.
as tattoo personalised fake are increasingly popular and socially accepted in many parts of the world, it arises a question, what is the concept of making tattoos? why people are do tattoos? there are many answers to these questions and they vary from person to person. artistic people want to reflect the art in your body, some people want to create a memory to stay with them forever as others like tattoo to prove his independence, originality and integrity.
some of the common tattoos are the cross: a symbol of the catholic faith. the nine stars: represent the nine gold, which is “the charter of the tarot of fruition and the pursuit and achievement of goals, be disciplined and relying on their own be”. the heart: symbol of love explained by itself, however significant.
symbol of the zodiac: the astrological sign. each person has a specific reason to get a tattoo. there are celebrities that are tattooed and in order to show respect and love for his fans is also had the body with art as they have done, or their names and photos in the body.many of you must have seen prison break in which a character played by wentworth miller michael scofield has his body tattooed with plans for the construction of a prison. his reason was to break his innocent brother and his love for his brother made him do this.
there are certain things that should be taken into account before being tattooed. be careful with your safety and health. the place where you will find the tattoo should be clean and hygienic. the needle must be new and sterilized. the tattoo artist should be a professional in his work. select the art of body you want. the tattoo can be anything, from a heart for the arrows. use a little disinfectant on your skin before the tattoo artist begins to create a tattoo. these are some things you should know before you get a tattoo.
once the tattoo you need to protect it as well as to protect their skin. keep the bandage the tattoo at least two hours before the work is complete. remove the bandage carefully and throw it away. this allows your skin to breathe and start the healing process. put a drop of mild antibiotic soap in your hand and gently wash the tattoo. dry it with a soft touch with a towel. expose the healing skin to air as much as possible, but avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. this will help you to maintain your tattoo in its original form, with bright colors.
be creative and make a tattoo, and express your thoughts. be unique and independent.

Feb 29 2012

Sexy Temporary Tattoos – 3 Tips For Getting Sexy Ink That You Won’t Regret

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i am studying the sexy tribal tattoo temporary for a while and noticed some common themes, in which the most sexy ink all are more frequent. i am them collapses in 3 tips for sexy tattoo. check it:
1. classical beauty. there are sexy, and then there is dirty. there is a shop and then there is the bezploden. and frankly, sometimes it may be difficult to say. especially when there is a change and something can be considered sexy for a year and then the next people see that is more coarse. but we will get to the trends in the next tip. for this tip i want to reveal the way, where you just can’t go wrong when choosing a sexy ink. always go with classical beauty. something that has adopted over time, as a beautiful, definitely is something that is extremely sexy. nature related collected, are always beautiful, and when placed on the body of the woman, can be transformed into something extremely sexy. flowers are classic, butterfly, can be naturally beautiful and so sexy, they are some examples of classical beauty, which has stood time.
2. trend-free! at all costs avoid trends! something that your friends are trying to persuade you, is sexy, because many other people, will likely prove to be a trend, a few years down the road you will regret getting that design. sexy is not a trend. sexy is something that will continue to stand the test of time. trends come and go, so do not forget to choose something of lasting beauty, not momentary trendiness.
3. high quality of the work. very important! if you have seen all the low tattoo on the back, that women have gained in recent years, you will notice that some of them can be sexy, while others not so much. the difference? in addition to design, it is usually the quality of the work. you can select low tattoo of a butterfly on the back, but if you go with a cheap design, it will be given, it seems really lame and not sexy, as you should.high quality of design are so important for sexy ink. they jumped to the much more and are much more beautiful than the low quality of the design.

Feb 29 2012

Sacred Temporary Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

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lovers tattoo, seeking the curiosity and skeptics who wish to receive progressive remarks that can positively transform your life and perspectives of transfer of the world, sacred art tattoo, we need doors to deeper understanding. we’re getting the appropriate journey through unchartered waters, a source of knowledge, which are concerned with the concept of dr. masaru emoto in the molecular restructuring of water in response to stimuli, vibrating at a whole new level in the human body is a temple, mainly with water, reacts in the same way with the intentful sacred tattoos. this implementation supports the growing needs of persons seeking empowerment in times of changing and people who want to integrate more spirituality in life, in a way that personally, genuine and significant, through the sacred art of the body.
more do?wiadczam effects of what i think the changes the force of the information, the more i feel brought to share these discoveries with others. what took place after more than 13 years and 100 plus hours of tattoo, leads me to share what i found deeply, giving entitlement and by healing. more i have seen precious gifts as integrated elements of the more support the image of the new changes in collective bargaining, it became clear that something is the almighty revealed that others can also benefit from a person learning christmas temporary tattoo shops are strong tools for transformation that they realize the importance of this for me, what information stored and it was something that i felt like a nied?wiedzi? to keep for yourself.
helping a new paradigm of experience that reflects the new energy of the earth, we are not able to take a tattoo-something seemingly simple, but very rich in ancient history, but misinterpreted by inkulturacji and expose a lot of prowokacyjnych thoughts mixed with praktyczno?ci? in opening the eyes of ways.people learn how vehicle symbolic tattoos intentful can change a person’s total experience-concept that dr. masaru emoto’s findings in “the hidden messages in water” leaked, but now by the saints of tattoos is wyjasnione on the unique perspective of the body as a portal.
this is the same process that deals with-that of changing our and others ‘ genetic code of dna/with a symbolically potent symbols and images that have a high vibration. how are mostly made of water and water appeared to move its molecular structure and/or in response to positive thoughts, feelings and images, so this is our body reacts in the same way, with the saints, images intentful tattoo, specifically and vigorously selected, created and mounted.
recent studies have shown that 1/3 of people tattooing selection of projects reflecting their spiritual or religious beliefs and for the first time are particularly susceptible to this type for the first work around. i see it more and more around me. more power moves collectively, the more people aware of the ways to move more informed and intentful, drawing on them you want to bring more of their spirituality and faith in a visible manifestation in your life in a way that is understandable for them-in a manner reflecting the energy and adapt them to the new choices and experience the life they have due to their awareness of the joy.
sacred tattoos may function as a means of access to the portal experience in great depth, helps the energy constantly intentions, may permit the use of our canvas as the artistic portal to help open wounds, support, improve, enhance and create a larger sail to anything they intend to-working in therapeutic, talizmanw and spiritual, to mention only a few. and this effect may be both waves experienced by the audience and user, helping transform vigorously at the deeper levels of awareness.as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and pictures are universal in how they are received. same as for the display of the image or see a picture and has a feel something, or is there something in the middle, or talking to you in a way that cannot be expressed in words, but simply feel changed by it in very deep, the basic level. take this experience hash with a strong energy intentand, the symbol of ancient and powerful universal pictures with the person przeczuwa? and beautifully woven fitting appearance of its vibration desires, and immediately increase the clarity, the individual experience of what is viewing or worn as your special saint tattoo.
this is to cover the energy of intent that changes their personal experience and helps you align your energy now. again, like the results of dr. emoto’s water common, how, when you speak and you feel negative, low vibration, contingencies and judgements, as compared to the hearing and feeling positive, high vibration, unconditional and nonjudgmental things, this has a direct effect on the molecular structure of the water is applied, or produces magnificent crystalline forms of ?nie?ynkami or discombobulated and was tempted on the structure.
the same occurs with the human body, the temple consists of mainly from the water after placing the intentful, symbolic of high vibe, very significant images and symbols on your skin. your structure of dna changes to integrate and reflect energy. if what you think is not something you want to submit, emanowa?, physical load, or experience in your life, directly or indirectly, might want to consider how you will change the things molekularnie and vigorously, drawing and reflects directly in the result in your life. so it is important to choose with awareness what decides to put on your skin, probably to a degree of this area of life as what seeds blossom birth mirror to your experience. you deserve on your niek?amany presence in the decisions that make up your life personally and collectively.

Feb 29 2012

Asian Temporary Tattoos

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asian tattoo designs have begun to work their way into western culture in recent decades. this is mainly due to the fact that they are beautiful models, which can have profound symbolic meaning. they have also an exotic feeling to them that i think is very attractive to many westerners. i know that i have loved these houston temporary tattoos for pretty now.while there are some things that you should consider before you run out and get a tattoo, however. one thing is to do your research properly on the symbols and their meaning.

1000s of printable tattoo designsthis is especially true if you plan to have a tattoo design in asia, which is composed of asian symbols. it is important to know what they are before you get them inked on your skin. after all, you do not t you want to conclude with a phrase or a word that is totally opposite to the meaning you want to get a tattoo or asian, which is completely ridiculous.another is to take into account the asian style tattoo you want to receive. there are several different cultures, asian, but the two that are most prominent in the west are those of japan and china. these two forms of tattoos in asia have similar styles, but often have meanings that are quite different from each other. so make sure you take the time and do your homework.

Feb 28 2012

What is the Meaning of Each Finger for Rings

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sometimes, no matter how hard we try, a few things done t really seems to go your way! this is the time when some chooses to astrology as a guide to improve our lives. palm reading, numerology, tarot cards, etc. are some of the ways in which experts in the field to help the person to improve the current situation. well, for one thing i have noticed is that many of the recommendations of the experts to wear finger rings. these finger rings, when combined with specific birthstones help to create a balanced effect on many issues in one s life. but, have you ever wondered what is the meaning of each finger for rings? or having a ring on a particular finger signify something deep? well, lets look at the meaning of rings on fingers.

what is the meaning of each finger for rings?
thumb symbolizes willpower a person. this finger is associated with the inner self of a person. in case you are told to wear a ring on this finger, you should be particularly careful with the changes that are happening in your life. the ring will then help you to increase your willpower.

the index finger is the authority, leadership and ambition. this finger is considered to represent a certain type of energy. this was especially visible in the old days when powerful kings wore rings on their finger. therefore, wearing a ring on this finger will help you gain new impetus in this direction.

middle finger is the human personality. located in the middle, it symbolizes a balanced life. ring on this finger would help you to add balance to your life.

ring finger is 4. finger. the ring finger of the left hand has a direct connection with the heart. therefore, the wedding ring is worn on the finger. it also has emoticons article affection) and what a person’s creativity. the circle on the right will help you become more optimistic in his life.

the little finger is all about relationships. this finger is all about our associations with the outside world, compared with the thumb, which last is all about yourself. this little finger is our attitude towards others.doughnut this finger would help one to improve your relationship, particularly with regard to marriage and helps improve business relationships as well. it also helps to change people’s attitudes to s relationship, for the better. creativity is associated with emotional and material things.

rings so that important business among all costume jewelry items. before you plan to wear any kind of ring, it is best to consult a professional s you know what kind of jewelry that pulls. be it diamond ring or engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a promise ring, cannot ignore the beauty of these as fashion jewelry rings. so, it’s not always the man wears s ring only of religious or other beliefs, but there are many people who choose to pick it up just as a fashion statement! well, anyway, for some reason, finger post ring sure do enhance the overall look of the wearer!

Feb 28 2012

Artificial Nail Tips

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if you don’t like the way your nails look, or just tired of the boring look of your hands, the option to have boards of artificial nails applied is definitely for you. it is a type of artificial nails that are applied to the ends of the nails, as natural extensions. not only have their hands looking gorgeous as always, there are several other advantages of its use. on the one hand, they are not as fragile as natural nails. they are not easily estellen, and nail polish lasts longer on them. the best part is that you don’t have to pay much money to get these huge keys. with the different kits that are available on the market, you can now give these tips desirable artificial nails yourself.

how to apply artificial nails tips

artificial acrylic nails tips are available in kits or complete, and is quite easy to apply at home. if you know how to do a manicure for yourself, you are sure to succeed in implementing these artificial nail tips. these tips are slightly thick, making it difficult to achieve a natural look and feel with them. there are several different types of artificial nail tips, which are available in beautiful designs. even the artificial color nail tips are available, which are painted in two colors, decorated with glitter on them, or are having other types of nail art. finally, there are also some that are transparent or white, in a more natural look. this gives you the freedom to style as you want. take a look at this step by step guide on the application of artificial nail tips.
first choose a board that is close to the natural shape of the nails. you should be able to hit the nail on the free edge, while the sides are spread. if you find the tip to be small, select a size that is slightly larger.the tips below that may be presented to your natural nail shape, so it fit well.
clean your decals nail art fashion before you begin the procedure. make sure you have removed all traces of nail polish, cuticle oil, and any kind of lotion. make sure also that your cuticles are removed. for this, a slightly wet and rub each nail with cotton with acetone, the cotton bud.
all her fingernails gently colored front with a emmagatzemador agent of the key. this softens the surface and helps you stick the tip of the nail and the resin of the artificial nail for more effective.
place a small drop of resin kit, available on the inside of the tip of the nail. then press the toe to the tip of the nail, and keep it in place for some time, until it is firm. keeping it in place also makes sure that no air bubbles are stayed behind in the application of artificial nail tips. when you’re sure it’s safe, switch to apply the rest of the tips of the nails.
if you have selected transparent artificial nail tips, then go ahead and paint it to your liking. you can also add some gems, or try different types of nail art to embellish nails.
you can also take a look at these articles on acrylic nails and how to apply acrylic nails.

security measures after applying artificial nails tips

it is possible that there are successful, but beautifies nails security measures that should be considered in applying artificial nail tips.
tips for artificial nails weak and unhealthy nails not survives. get the thumbnails to cure before applying, otherwise the nails can become weaker.
the way in which the resin sticks to natural nails depends on the quality of the thumbnails. can last from five to ten days.the tips of the nails will grow as they grow nails, so remember to keep, closing the gaps by presenting on a regular basis.
follow the basics of caring for your nails, and remember to keep very clean nails as the chances of getting a fungus are higher when you apply artificial nail tips. retire in 2 weeks to prevent this from happening.
although these tips have learned to apply artificial nails yourself, when applied professionally, give it a whole new look, and the level of hygiene in the application is guaranteed. removing the artificial nails tips at home is one that can cause a lot of problems and pain. you can read here how to remove nails postisses. the best way to do this, however, is to go to a professional nail technician because they were removed.

with all these guidelines, you can now go ahead and get tips for taking beautiful artificial nails, looking so handsome as always wanted my hands to them.

Feb 28 2012

Natural Nail Fungus Treatment

Posted by lu in Nail

whether you have recently noticed a yellow spot in white or in accordance with the tip of the fingernail or toenail? have you noticed that your nails become thick, crisp, crisp or distorted form? if you have all of these symptoms, then you might have noticed that your nails have become boring and lack lustre as well, along with the dark debris accumulation under the nails. if you suffer from any such symptoms, then you need to suffer from nail fungus infection. this condition occurs when one or more nails are infected by fungi. for most people, this is quite a concern, nor a matter of cosmetic medicine. what this may be immediate treatment is the next step in order to consider and take. indeed, it is difficult to treat nail fungus problem and, therefore, you may need to visit a doctor, who will help you with prescription strength medications. although the doctor’s recommendations, here are some natural nail fungus treatment reviews can go too.

nail fungus treatment-natural

this nail fungus treatment section, natural methods, what we will be discussing. as mentioned, over-the-counter treatment for nail fungus is not seem to be a bright prospect for the persistence of this infection. so get in touch with a doctor, and at the same time, follow the tips mentioned below.

natural tea tree oil nail fungus treatment has been the same old method. it is known that a natural fungicide and antiseptic as well. mix this oil, levand? oil and use a dab on the edges of the hoof.

to continue this discussion on the natural nail fungus treatment, antibacterial, antiseptic and prie?grybelinis, the antivirus product is oregano oil. blend the oils with olive oil and rubbing it on the affected hoof. you can also mix olive oil with tea tree oil and use it to treat fungus.

another popular home remedies for nail fungus treatment soak infected nail art christmas decals listerine mouth. a similar effect can be obtained by soaking in warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar, the nail.

other natural nail fungus treatment is water, and mix with salt and lemon. blend soothes toes or fingers and toenails must face, about the impact. in addition, the application of the affected nails with vicks vaporub seems to limit the growth of fungi, and other useful home remedy. additional information on the matter of these articles is waiting for nail fungus: toenail fungus treatment and home remedies and cures nail fungus.

after all these natural nail fungus treatment methods should be provided for at all, there are a few things that you need to consider. for example, thoroughly washing the hands and feet with soap and water after i visited public places is one of the few healthy habits later. cotton socks is a good choice to accelerate recovery from nail fungus, as they help to absorb moisture,. wearing wet socks are one of the common reasons why people hit the nail fungus. also consider wearing a new pair of socks on a daily basis. avoid sharing personal items such as towels and mops, towels, kilpin?s shoes, gloves, etc., keep your nails clean and refrain from correcting, and nail polish.

an important aspect of the natural form one more nail fungus treatment, warm and moist environment, so that the mushrooms to grow and prosper, and to cause infection of the nails. so keep your hands to keep your thought, and in particular, the leg after bathing or dry but moist in contact with sources. also wash hands with an infected nail by touching the antiseptiniu solution.