Feb 06 2012

Easy Nail Designs

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beautiful hands and feet make a woman more attractive for a man. and what better way to provide the glamour in the hands and feet than their creativity to decorate nails. there are various shops, which offer nail nail design services, but the same thing can be done at home too. you want to know how? just follow the simple instructions, listed below, which will help you to create some simple nail design.

creative nail design

for your convenience i have divided nail design art into three categories, i.e. nail design for short nails, long nails and claws. you can choose any of them, depending on your taste and needs.

easy nail design for short nails
? ?? ? ? , ‘ . ??, ?? ?, ? ? , ? ? ? ? ?. ?? ??.

?? 1: paint ?, ? ?, ??. ? ? ??? ? ?? – ??. ? ? ??? ??, , ? ? . ?? ‘, .

design nail paint # 2: three-fourths of the nail, starting from the bottom end with a red lacquer for nails. the unstained nail, make a small rounds with the same polish using a small brush. this is one of the easiest nail design for beginners.

easy nail design for long nails
if you ask my opinion, nail design looks best on long nails. with the right care, nails, anyone can have long fingernails juicy. here are two fashionable nail design for long nails.

nail design # 1: paint the entire fingernail with a yellow lacquer for nails. now green varnish, make a small letter in the middle of the nail.use glitter to the selection border. this nail design for those women who are nature lovers.

nail design # 2: paint nail decal black with pink lacquer nail polish and let it dry for some time. now take a purple nail polish and make various geometric shapes, such as a circle, a square and a triangle with him using a small brush. this modern design nail art for modern women.

easy nail design for your fingers
nail designs are easier to create nails compared to the nails. this is because nails can be grown and, thus, their size and length allows you to easily create nail design on them. nails are relatively less, so it’s hard to write. here are two easy nail design for of fingers, which can be performed at home.

nail design # 1: paint the entire nail with blue nail polish. now with a small brush and white varnish, make a tiny flower, near the top of each of the nails. take the silver crystal and place it in the middle of the flower.

nail design no. 2: paint the entire nail with silver lacquer for nails. now take a black varnish and with little kist? to left cross, covering the entire nail, all toenails. this nail design is intended for women who are handled differently.

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these few simple nail design to make at home. try painting the nails with the use of these ideas, and to see what social get-togethers are hit.

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