Feb 07 2012

Fingernail Disorders

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in general, the overall health of your fingernail under the suitability of individual shows a lot. water nail sticker are made up of keratiini, protein and sulfur. on average they grow about 0,05-1, 2 mm per week. healthy nails appear to be in color and smooth texture roosakad. amendments to the provisions of your fingernail under the growth, color, shape, and texture may be a symptom of underlying health status. taking this into account, some dermatoloogid consider the nails as the window that the health of the body. for example, a very thick nails show, while the circulatory disturbance of deep blue nails is a sign emfseem. talk briefly about s?rmekne disorders.

insert your fingernail under the disturbance

as far as the disturbance in the case there are a number of anomalies in your fingernail under the, which can be determined by examining the texture and color of the nail. human nails can lead to bacteria, fungi, and/or virus. here are the common diseases and disorders, your fingernail under the rules:

fungus or seennakkus
insert your fingernail under the fungus infection or onychomycosis is the most common nail lesions, which are often observed among women. hundreds of people looking for medical care for the treatment of nail fungus. fungus attack keratiini, representing kne disc. at the beginning of your fingernail under the nail infection appears whitish or yellowish. later, texture and shape of the infected nails become dark with the accumulation of organic debris under the nails. ravimata kneplaadi may be a separate nail bed. read more on nail fungus.

ptergium is growing and is characterized by the inside of the skin at the base of the nails with nail plate. deep damage to the nails and nail plate is causing damage to the tissues, leading to a loss of kneplaadi development ptergium nail condition. do not attempt to remove the growth on the skin, because it causes severe pain and veritsust. the problem with your fingernail under the treatment, the dose may be prescribed for certain dermatoloog kortisooni medicines.

nail psoriaasi
dry weights, kortsumise and nails, and at times the raw skin is noticed by your fingernail under the signs of psoriasis. since the symptoms of nail psoriasis are more or less similar to eczema, the skin is often confused, is the symptom of a problem.sometimes kneplaadi may seem abnormal colour such as brown, orange or red. in difficult cases, separate from the nail bed may be kneplaadi. psoriasis cure your fingernail under the medical supervision should be carried out.

brittle nails or
, brittle or weak nails is a common nail lesions, which causes breakage with tip. this nail lesions aggravated by contact with water and often harsh cleaning agents. thus, there is a fairly ordinary housewives. drying nail cream and reduce exposure to help cure brittle nails felt. read more on causes of peeling and sharing your fingernail under the nails.

vertical edges
vertical edges on nails caused by exhaustion of natural oils and moisture due to the nail plate. although the vertical edges of the ageing of the population, is a sign your fingernail under it is not limited to only the elderly. any person, irrespective of age and sex may result from the vertical edges on nails. applying the nail oil and supplementing a diet rich in vitamin e will help to treat the nail lesions of the food. read more at the edges of the nails.

the correct diagnosis of the condition, similar to any of the disorders it is important to get your fingernail under the correct treatment. on the brighter side, the majority of disorders and infections to respond effectively to the regular nail maintenance. if your fingernail under the health does not improve even after practising basic advice is always advisable to consult with the caring and advice from qualified dermatoloog.

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