Mar 14 2012

Seven Things to Know Before Getting a Temporary Tattoo

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Getting a tattoo is “in” for a long time. But before you start to dive, there are things you need to know before you get one. Keep reading.
1 Choose a good survey of tattoos. A good survey is that has a record of the ways good and the large number of customers. You should know how long have been in business. If you know some of those who has been a client of that room, I ask him / her about their service. In addition, a study of tattoos good is that guarantees his work. So when the result is not pleasant to you, you may have to fix without additional cost.
2 Hire best tattoo artist. Some large studies have many artists. You must choose the artist that has a good quality of work and experience. Again, if you know someone with a tattoo you like, ask him / her about the study and the artist. Talk to your artist and ask any question above your new tattoo.
3 Choose a good design. A tattoo is permanent, it is not like buying a shirt new you can gave it when you are finished with it. And the Elimination of tattoos is expensive and it can be painful and can leave ugly scars on your skin. Choose a design that you feel that it was not lost interest in, even after 5 or 10 years more or less. Something that can be traced. For example, if you just be married, you can have a wedding betsey johnson big ring tattoo or the name of your love.
4 Know the total cost. Before deciding to become a tattoo or agree on something for the study, you need to know the total cost. Larger tattoos batman fake cost largest and most even the smallest can be too expensive. But keep in mind that never sacrifice the design and quality of a tattoo for the cost. Once again, the tattoos are permanent. You can not leave a feeling of study you want to defraud your new tattoo.
5. Get ready for the pain. In tattoo, “without pain there is no tattoo”.In our first “inking”, you must prepare for the feeling of being punctured by a needle for hours. Any part of the body is more sensitive than others and the other is more tolerant to pain than others.
6. Security first and foremost. Rather than stop punctured by the machine, make sure that the needle is new and sterilized. If it isn’t, they require a new and sterilized one. You don’t want to do a tattoo and a disease, at the same time.
7 Tattoo after care. Now you have your tattoo. The following is how to take care of your new tattoo so that they will not catch. The early days is the most crucial, because the wounds are still fresh. Generally speaking, tattoo artists gave him advice and brochures on how to care for your new tattoo.

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