Apr 04 2012

Friendship Bracelet Designs

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Friendship bracelets are so cool. They can wear any clothing, at school or at a party. This is a fantastic fashion accessory for teen girls (and guys). Whether you want to make string bracelets with designs, beads, or letters, they come out so beautiful that you can’t help but more. So, when you’re lazy Sunday afternoon at home, and can’t think of anything else to do, why not make a different Friendship Bracelet designs with his best friend. This is a great way to spend time and learn something new. In addition, more cool Friendship Bracelet patterns, which you make, the more colorful and creative look to your accessory box. Here are a few simple design model.

Friendship Bracelet designs with instructions

First things first, what type do you want to make a Friendship Bracelet? Is hemp bracelets, Macram, wooly, granules, and bracelets, bracelets, models made with embroidery thread. When you know the type of bracelet, you may want to perform various Friendship Bracelet design. Here are a few examples of such friendship bracelets patterns can do.

A diagonal bar bracelet
Prior to the start of the diagonal bands of Friendship Bracelet thread, embroidery design collection 4 (red, blue, yellow, white), Warbler, cardboard, and scissors.
Hold all 4 lines together and tie the knot on top. Proper Przymocuj.
Place this template on the lines-red, blue, yellow, white.
You can use the Warbler and paperboard or pillow) to ensure the lines while working.
With your fingers, separate the lines, that you can have room to work.
Take the red line and going through the cycle and then after the blue line.
To make this knot. Press and hold the blue line with your right hand and pull this knot properly.
The adoption of a dual node node to repeat again.
In the same way, use the red line, yellow and white with double knot lines as well.
Keep the nodes until you reach the end of the bracelet.This will depend on how long the lines are, and how much you will need to be wrapped around your wrist.
When you reach the end of another node at the strings and firmly attach.
Use the scissors to cut the rest and put String Bracelet around his wrist.
Beaded Hemp bracelet
Before you go to the hemp bracelets, hemp twine, collected 3 instructions (Beige, blue, orange), holes in the beads, scissors, measuring tape, white glue.
We do not cut, hemp rope just yet after the harness, only then do we know how long will the bracelet.
Place all 3 threads left or right-handed this model-blue, beige, orange.
Make a small loop to make a knot with all 3 threads. Firmly Przymocuj.
Now add all 3 threads inside 1 or 2 karoliukais and make even one little knot. Mount it as well.
The next step-to pasivyniok threads. How do we pasivyniok hair, we have pasivyniok threads with each other.
When you make 2-3 braids, insert 1 or 2 beads and ensure them a node.
Keep going, braids or pulling the strings and karoliais until you reach the end of the bracelet.
You can make a long long necklaces and apvyniokite around your wrist two times.
At the end of the Twine to a wristwatch, to ensure with the unit and cut with scissors, twine.
Use white glue, next to all the nodes in that not all the beads and knots or wobble over time.
And this is another one of your friendship bracelets, design is ready.
Arrow Bracelet
Before we get our final instructions for friendship bracelets, collect 5 embroidery thread, rust, yellow, blue, green, Brown), Warbler, pillows or cardboard, measuring tape and scissors.
One line per measure and reduce the size of your wrist you measured twice. Do this with all 5 string.
Fold in half to make a loop around them all. Those just below the loop knot and attach firmly.
Use to ensure the lines into a pillow or Warbler cardboard.

In this model, Strings-blue, rust, yellow, green, Brown, yellow, green, Brown, rust, blue.
We make backward knots with 4 blue lines on the right side. To perform this node, you have to go through the line, after him, the rust through it and make a knot.
After 4 of these nodes, left blue line and 5 forward units.
To do this, you go through rust node node underneath it, to the right, up, and secure the knot.
Now the model will rust, yellow, green, Brown, blue, blue, Brown, green, yellow, rust.
Keep to the right of the most backward knots, 4 from the line and then 5 units from the left to the front most line.
In this way, you need to come to the end of your necklace.
When you reach the end, split into 2 lines. Braid 5 strings with one another, that we can use them to link to the top of the loop, we made the necklace.
In addition to the above design, if you want to get information about the Friendship Bracelet design letters, then read the article on friendship bracelets, Buzzle letter models for more information.

Friendship silver bracelets hope that these were fairly simple in design and instructions to follow. For more designs and models, there are references in the article, all that you can click and go through all the best!

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