Apr 05 2012

How to Make Leather Bracelets

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The best way to look polished put together to create your own style. Create your own clothing style, you need to coordinate your clothing with wonderful accessories. Choosing the right accessories to go with special uniforms is crucial when you plan to create a special look. Accessories such as bracelet charms for can be stacked, and Choker bib necklace, layers add pizazz to the series immediately even simpler outfit. You should keep your eyes open while shopping for accessories and find strange piece would give a strong boost to your wardrobe.

The thing about these extensions is that those wishing to actually cost a bomb and you eventually buy a second or even a third best. A good one for jewellery that you want, in fact, reduce shopping budget is to create them yourself. It is not difficult as it seems, once you get the hang of it, you can create a completely unique and unusual. Another advantage of making your own ornaments is, you can design pieces using different means. Leather is one medium such as that you can use to create bracelets and the necklace fashion in different styles and designs. Here, we will teach you how to make bracelets from the skin.

Making leather bracelets

There are many designs and styles of leather wristbands which can provide. From simple entrepreneur handcuffs woven designs. Below are two ideas on making leather wristbands.

Leather Cuff Bracelet

Things required
A piece of skin (in the color of your choice)
A pair of sharp scissors
Super Glue
A piece of flexible wire
Snap button

To make this bracelet leather cuff, wrap the first piece of skin on your wrist and mark how much material is required. Come now in oval piece skin, make sure that it doesn’t cut it smaller than the size of your wrist. Swivel mid-point of widget skin to form oval shaped arc. Lock bracket through the roll a piece of flexible wire in the Center. Tie the knot in the back of a piece of skin so that the bow remains in place. Cut a very narrow section of skin from a piece of scrap leather and familiar about the wire. Use super glue to stick a piece of skin over the wire. Attach both parts of sudden button at the end of each arc of leather with the help of glue. Alternatively, you can also snap button sewing with a needle and thread. So woe! Is special leather Cuff Bracelet with bow detail.Wear this bracelet, all you have to do is written on your wrist, the alignment bracket to the front and snap button closure.

Link Bracelet leather

Things required
Securities card
Skin pieces
Utility knife

To make this bracelet linked skin, you need to create a template from the card balance. A great personality “8″ cards and is approximately 1 inch in length. Follow the last digit “8″ within the first number, with a gap of inches h hong. domestic segment cut this number until you have a template. Tilt template from 90 degrees, this will be the final template from the bracelet skin.

Place the following template over the back of a piece of skin, and trace the outline with a pencil. Now cut the outline of the shape with a sharp pair of scissors and cut to the Interior of the shape. Cut shapes than the skin like this until you have about 8-14 pieces. (Number you will need to make the bracelet would depend on the size of your wrist.) Next fold one piece in half leather, placed on a Workbench. Hold the shape in place with your index finger. Now push the second piece of the skin through the opening piece of folded, fold the second piece of skin to form loop. Continue looping the piece more skin in this way until you have a nice leather strap that fits your wrist bound. Stitching together pieces of skin involvement ends and attach a button snap on each end. Leather bracelet is linked to your ready you can wear with a Bohemian.

Bracelets from the skin looks great with casual as well as layers style clothing. This is a truly elegant piece of jewellery and quirky, and you can compete with a different style. Now that you know how to manufacture Leather Wristbands, you can create one yourself and add it to the collection of your accessories.

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