Apr 08 2012

Remembering the Holocaust

Posted by lu in Jewelry

They all had a happy life,
before it all started.
They lived in joy and peace.
Until he left.

What he did is so bad?
Just because they were Jews?
Just because they were different.
There is no need to see them sad.

The Germans came from the streets,
are there weapons held high,
fight the Jews go,
You could hear the beating of their footsteps.

They have rhythm and hit,
To the trains,
screaming Germans.
They had enough.

Crying and screaming, wake up,
Germans of their weapons,
preparing to fire
to the next sound.

They were shipped to the camp,
assigned to a tent.
Whereas a cup of soup,
and they had to sleep in the cold and wet.

Just one cup a day,
soup came,
Nothing good in it.
If they want to survive, it is their only option.

Dead bodies were tossed around,
or cremated,
unworthy, were sent to the gas chambers.
If they didn’t, they would be pushed to the ground.

Their clothes were torn,
they were badly beaten.
Sent you to work hard,
Some they have never been born.

At the end of
Germany surrendered.
The Release Of The Jews.
Just as much as they were dead.

It shows how people can be so cruel.
Remember, you can change something.
It affects your life,
or others around you.

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