Apr 25 2012

The Attraction of Foot Temporary Tattoos

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The tattoo of today is very different in tone and placement in those old days. This, and the ability to create a truly unique design, are the reasons that foot tattoo is a way to express your personality. Ultimately it is not only this that will decide exactly what kind of tattoo you have and where in your body will be in place.But remember, what you consider your best style design and placement of the tattoo may not be the best for other people. Choosing the right design and position would be difficult, if this is your first tattoo, with this in mind, it might be worth considering a foot tattoo, are becoming increasingly popular.Here are some facts about the leg tattoo:Foot tattoos are usually more painful: Because your feet are less fleshy from other parts of your body, the skin of the leg to be closer to the bone. The closer is the skin to the bone the more painful the tattoo will be. However, because the feet are a smaller part of the body the tattoo tend to be smaller, the amount of time spent by the pain will be less as a result.Foot tattoos are less obvious: depending on where you work visible tattoo may not be acceptable, and we should always be thinking about the future, what job or career changes can be made available. Unfortunately, the tattoo is not usually considered to be professionals who are looking for. If you choose a foot tattoo, and get a professional job will be very easy to conceal.However, you should remember that while treatment is recommended to wear open shoes for the entire year. Typically takes between 2-3 weeks for a foot tattoo to remedy, but if it is essential to wear shoes, it is a good idea to wear 2 pairs of socks of light.A tattoo with your feet often considered sexy: will of course opinions vary on what kind of tattoo looks good to other people and even people who generally don’t like tattoo doesn’t seem to mind foot temporary cute tattoo and even find attractive.Foot tattoo may require more frequent contact-project: your feet are often exposed to harsher conditions than other parts of your body, after all spend all day standing on them and after some time the tattoo ink with your feet can spread and make the tattoo look dull.Popular foot tattoo designs: Star designs, words and the flowers. Of course you can work with your tattoo artist to create a unique and interesting design, if you want something more than the usual type of foot tattoo pictures. Just remember the bigger and more complicated the design, the more painful the tattoo will be probably, and the more it will cost.

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