Apr 27 2012

Soldering Copper Pipes – How to Solder a Copper Pipe

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Copper pipes will be helpful to the cooling water or air. Therefore, they are used very frequently in the transport of these materials in the appliances in the House. However, for copper pipes, one modification must join both the hose with the far right which can be installed by to solder copper pipe joints at the end of each hose where is warped.Is to solder?Deliver to solder by the action of capillaries When pipes and joints with heat absorbing material to solder properly. Defrost heat to solder material and by the action of the capillaries to absorb into the material to be sealed to share it. When the cold sharing to solder material into the wind does not occur then sealed copper pipes and fitting firmly together. It is important to solder material with melting point lower than copper. Otherwise, the heat in the range of pipes to the point of melted metal pipes, to solder materials may melt.Steps for to solder copper pipesCut hose: cut the length of pipes As copper is a soft metal, it can cut decorations by using the cut pipe, but in the case of large pipes, metal cutting lueay may be used. If you are using lueay cut metal, and then make sure that all the ends of the pipes will submit Burrs. Otherwise, the pipes might leak.Duct cleaning: cleaning pipes and devices and makes them born free is a major step for the stainless steel working weighted copper pipes (to solder) Sandpaper sand cloth and Iron Monkey is good for cleaning the outside of the pipe surface. However, in the surface cleaning of pipes and joints, internal,Brush cleaning will be more productive. These brush sizes are available in cleaning brush that fits the size of copper pipe and easier to buy from the market. Use the free t-shirt at the Socialist joint in your joints and outer of pipes. Put the appropriate on the ends of pipes and pipe joints or back away so that joint distribution on a regular basis throughout the surface Fluxing object to make sure that even the smallest trace of sad will be deleted. There is also little reaction to melt solder and remove dirt from it, which would help coordinate the flow freely to join trade.????????: ???????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? 10 – 20 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????To solder wires to solder: touch to share when you sure to solder temperature. Coordination will melt and be drawn into the joint venture between pipe and through the actions of capillaries. In the case of the smaller hose is need to move wires to solder any circumference of investment there is, as metal to solder alloys are pulled into the investment by circumference of it all. When the molten solder started flowing out, it shows that there is no need to solder more material in the solution. Please use caution so not too much material to solder alloys and rolled within a joint as it forms stamped to inhibit the flow of water through hose.Wipe down the cold sharing: when pipe is a small, old cloth,Fold it a few times to have enough thickness to protect your fingers from hot metal. In addition, you can feed it a little bit right now, quickly wipe the excess joint meeting has begun, and from an investment to ensure that there is no process has begun and blobs joint. Nothing looks better than ??? bright, clean with circle mangao of the grey conjunction. If you’re using a wet carpet might cool down quickly hose leading to the construction of material droplets to solder together. If this is the case with heated and remelt Pat excess process has begun and joint.Caution must be taken.Always wear safety glasses while to solderNever weld direct expenses.Wear gloves while applying for a joint chemical disrupted skin.Use heat protection if you have that burning a fire near to solder area.Shut down the fire byEasy to solder is the process by which water can be performed at home. When you boss this technique in addition to solder copper pipes, you can manage from a number of jobs repaired within the country.

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