Jun 18 2012

Tungsten Rings for Men

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The majority of the people want to make your wedding a memorable affair and one of the most important parts of a wedding is the exchange of rings. A wedding ring is supposed to be something that will last a lifetime, as well as his marriage! Therefore, if you are looking for rings that combine strength and are a visual delight, then, the tungsten sterling silver charms are the ideal choice. Most of the men’s tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide. Below are the details of how choose tungsten rings for men and the advantages of tungsten rings.What is tungsten carbide?For its part, the tungsten is a very hard and dense metal, and has the melting point highest of all metals, that is 6100 degrees Fahrenheit. For its part, tungsten is very vulnerable to scratches and physical damage. Thus, it is as vulnerable as any metal base when used only. However, when combined with an alloy of carbon, it becomes the tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide has a hardness of between 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. In addition, it is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel and almost impossible to scratch! This is the reason why this alloy also is the alloy of choice in industrial applications. However, an interesting use of this alloy is in the use of tungsten rings for men. Tungsten carbide wedding alliances not only are very different in appearance, therefore, so visually impressive, but also extremely resistant to (that will be hit with a hammer to both cause a dent!).Choice of tungsten rings for menIt is necessary to make sure that the metal used for the finish or union process is not a base metal, since this can act as a contaminant, as when the cobalt is used as a binder.The problem with cobalt is that it tends to bind with oils of the skin and therefore leeches out of the resulting ring rust. This results in an appearance similar to the deslustrada silver. However, this can not be removed by polishing or grinding. Therefore, a better choice is to use nickel as a binder in tungsten rings for men or even in the case of rings of tungsten for women. The nickel is chemically inert and does not oxidize get. On the other hand, the nickel is hypo-allergenic and therefore, does not irritate the skin. Therefore, the best is to ask a ring of tungsten carbide which is used as a binder of nickel, since only those black tungsten rings for men are free of scratches and are long lasting.Due to the extreme hardness of wedding alliances made of tungsten carbide, this metal cannot be of a size as gold, silver or Platinum Rings. Therefore, the purchase of such rings, ideally check beforehand that you get a proper size, or at least one that is best suited. Therefore, always visit the personal jeweler and test rings before deciding on one. You can even get a ring of tungsten with beveled edges, which makes it easier put and remove your finger, therefore, reduce the amount of friction. This is because such wedding bands are curved on the inside, so that the surface of the ring finger to touch is minimal. Read more about tungsten rings pros and cons.Advantages of tungsten rings for menTungsten rings are generally 100% proof of scratchesThese rings do not bend and are very durableThere is no cobalt in a ring of tungsten carbide qualityThese rings are hypoallergenic and can also be used by people who are allergic to nickelAlthough it may be a little difficult, engraved by laser is possible, so if you want to get a quote or a name recorded in the ring, you can doThis was all about tungsten rings for men. You may also have rings of tungsten deposits, i.e. the rings that combine the hardness of tungsten and the wealth of precious metals. These rings use the materials more pure and more advanced processes of union scale. Thus, if you are looking for wedding alliances alone are a visual delight and it lasts a lifetime, then the tungsten rings are for you!

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