Jun 24 2012

Earrings for Sensitive Ears

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Ear piercing is the most common type of piercing around the world. Women love to shop for various types of accessories to adorn your ears. But more than fifty percent of women have sensitive ears and develop an allergy or some sort of infection when they try a new type of earrings, especially those who are brought to the cheap prices. They experience itching, pain, redness, and sometimes bleeding at the site of the piercing. Because of this problem, it is difficult for them to find the perfect earring that does not cause them any kind of infection or pain. Still, it’s good news for people who have sensitive ears. Now you can find a variety of earrings in the market that are specifically designed for sensitive ears. Let’s look at the different types of earrings for sensitive ears allow you to choose from.Best earrings for sensitive earsThe kind of earring is best for you will depend on your level of sensitivity. Earrings made of nickel that is very commonly present in stainless steel earrings, is the most common reason that causes allergies in sensitive ears. Most of the cheap jewelry that we buy are often made of nickel, and so it is better for people with sensitive ears to avoid jewelry made from this material. But if people who have mild sensitive skin can’t carry inexpensive earrings on a regular basis, they can probably get along with them for a day or two. Some say that the use of alcohol on ear tabs before wearing earrings ear prevents your tabs from being affected. Apply the cream “polysporin” in the realm of ear piercing can also lessen the chances for an ear infection.Although alcohol and polysporin has helped a lot of people, it doesn’t work the same for all people. People who have mild to severe sensitive ears will not find some relief by using these methods. If you fall into this category, try the earrings that are allergy friendly. This is not very expensive and are readily available in almost every jewelry accessories stores.If you run into trouble finding hypoallergenic earrings in your local store, check on the internet there are many sites that sell these types of earrings.The next option for earrings for sensitive ears is silver or gold jewelry. Many people think that gold and Silver earrings don’t have much design. But this is not the truth, rather, you can find lots of innovative design in these metals. Even in these earrings are a bit expensive for the most part, it is profitable to invest in a few of them, if you can find them suitable for your sensitive ears. While buying gold, it is important to check what kind of gold is suitable for. While some find that 14 k gold suits them, there are others who are comfortable only in 18 k gold earrings. Aside from this, one can also try magnetic earrings that are a new type of earrings that can be easily found in the market.Although gold and silver jewelry fits most, those who have extreme sensitive ears discovers that they have infections while wearing earrings made from these metals as well. In such conditions, people can choose earrings that are made of niobium and Platinum. Niobium is a metal used in surgical instruments and a lot of people with sensitive ears have reported that they are not developing any kind of infection after use. Furthermore, niobium ear dobbene is available in different colours and unique patterns that look really attractive. Another option is to use the elegant Platinum earrings for women, but they are really expensive and not everyone can afford them. read more about Platinum jewellery.Other options for sensitive earsPlastic earrings for sensitive ears are a good alternative, if other types of jewelry doesn’t fit you, but if you don’t like the idea of using plastic earrings are another option to use plastic ear wires, tubes, bars and record covers, and wear them with common jewelry. These plastic posts to ensure that the metal does not come into contact with the ears. Other than this, take extra care of your piercings ear buds and your earrings make sure you don’t get any kind of infection.Change the earrings regularly, and if possible buy a steam cleaner to get rid of bacteria that can be found in jewelry, which can cause infections in the ears. Read more about how to clean the jewelry.I am sure you must have got a clear idea about the different options for the earrings for sensitive ears. Therefore, if you have sensitive ears and are tired of dealing with contagion whenever you use earrings, try any of these in-ear dobbene and you will definitely find the answer to your problems.

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