Jun 27 2012

Unique Handmade Jewelry

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Enlarge ImageBeautiful jewelry is something you can never get enough, I am sure most women would agree with me on this point. If you enjoy wearing jewelry as much as I do, I am sure that you must have enough to start your own lil? Jewelry shop now! I love to go through the shops of designer jewelry and nasseri around at flea markets for unique jewelry pieces as well. The flea markets can have plenty of design in wait for you and if you are lucky, with a certain amount of haggling, you can be the proud owner of some unique jewelry without really spending too much! But there is one area in which I have researched and are wearing unique handmade jewelry. This handmade jewelry is a great option, because it is easy on your pocket, and you can create great-looking jewelry by exercising your mind! Wearing unique handmade jewelry offers a satisfaction to wear an exclusive piece! This can also make a very stylish and personal gift as well. You should note that there are three fundamental techniques in dealing with unique handmade jewelry. The first is where you string the beads, the kind of cords you use will depend on what you plan to design. In order to keep a distance between the beads, you can make use of nodes or cramps. Wire is also used to make unique type of jewelry. Here the pearls used in combination to create stylish designs. Bead weaving is another technique in really small beads woven together and thread to make small but complex patterns.Tips to make your own unique handmade jewelry:How to make a Y-shaped Necklace:What do you useSikning wire or threadPearls and screwsBite tang/heavy-duty scissorsCrimpt?nger and/or flat nose pliersInstructions:First cut a longer length of the string material. This should be at least twice the length of the drop, as you would require. Then thread a small bead to the Center area.Take the two ends of the thread and double thread it with the beads, which are necessary for the Central drop, because this is a Y-shaped necklace. The little gem you’ve used before, will help to keep the other beads in place.Now, separate threads to individual strings. You must also tailor it to each page, as per your choice. Use a rivet to ensure the piece.How to make a beaded ring:What do you usePliersSmall, flat feature Pearl (dark blue-1)Presninger (2)Nylon bead cordSize 11 seed beads (light blue-25)Instructions:This method of unique handmade jewelry can help you have different colors of the betsy johnson ring to match any outfit!First, you have to push the first ocean ripple on nylon bead cord. Do it gently, careful not to squash. Before the blue seed beads on this nylon thread. Now, you need to push the other shrink in this thread as well. Then, thread the small and flat feature gem. Today, choose one end of nylon thread (which is on the side of the Pearl of great price) and thread this through the first krusningen at the other end. This would result in krympningen has two parties nylon bead cord pass through it. Now you need to pull both ends of the Ribbon. This will help make the ring close. After you have decided the exact width you need, press both presninger. This would keep nylon bead into place. Any excess thread can simply be cut.Unique handmade wedding jewelry is a great way to show your talent, and you can have variations in it as well. If you have a basic sense of design and colors, it can help you to create unique and wonderful pieces with ease. Choosing the right colors, the percentage of the gems you use, the type of design you choose and even the proportion of the entire piece questions when you create any kind of unique handmade jewelry. Use your creativity to make attractive jewelry design and has a new look every day!

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