Jun 28 2012

Promise Rings: White Gold and Diamond Promise Rings

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“I promise to be your hot spot to embrace until when you coldI agree to be soft to land your site in case of fallI agree to be the first to say I’m sorryI promise to be there for you in all your moments of joy and sorrowI agree to support no matter what your decisionI agree with you each day to make a new memoryI promise to love you without change “? Lisa JonesThe importance of promise ringsA promise that is never going to break th a they say it takes more courage to fulfill a promise to break.Promise rings in the 16th century was given as a sign of commitment, when a couple is willing to declare his love and Union with the world. It was a step that is given before the engagement and wedding.Today the concept of promise rings is a little more different. Rings promise is given as a sign of commitment to each other, but are not the only ones who use couples of promise rings. A promise ring can be used by anyone. Can be administered to a friend, a lover, or even yourself, as a memory of a commitment.Types of promise ringsSo it’s not as simple as going to a store and pick a promise ring. There are different types of promise rings. This information should help you in your research of The Promise Ring.Pre-engagement ring? This is the most popular type of promise ring. When a partner takes seriously its commitment to one another, but at the same time, it is not willing to compromise, exchanged rings promise. These promise rings can be set in gold or white gold with diamonds. It is common to have engraved promise rings as well.Chastity rings? This type of promise is a promise rings to remain chaste and pure until after the wedding. These rings are also gaining popularity in the West, where parents are giving their children to these rings.These rings can also be exchanged for couples who wish to practise abstinence until their wedding night.Ring of friendship? Although not many rings, these rings are simple Exchange friends friendship bands that say friend in need is a friend of major made?Monogamy? These are the rings that promise fidelity and monogamy.Substance withdrawal promise rings? If you want a person dear to refrain from any substance such as alcohol or cigarettes and then a withdrawal of the substance can promise ring. To go well, this ring can be set with an amethyst stone, as the Greek believes is an antidote against drunkenness.Promise sterling silver rings stylesThe most common style of promise rings are white gold promise rings promise rings and diamond. There are other styles as well, set with silver or gold yellow Bill with precious stones and semi-precious stones like sapphires, topazes or aiguamarines.White Gold promise Rings Diamond promise rings and look more elegant, it does not mean that other people don’t t s. but if you have the money why not spend it on something more timeless, like a diamond promise ring.So the promise that can be kept and not just with words, with a ring of promise!

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