Jun 28 2012

Writing Temporary Tattoos: Motivational Sayings and Quotes

Posted by lu in Tattoo
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It is very popular to have a motivational sayings or citation as the written tattoo. This is, in itself, is not such a bad thing, but why do we have it? We need motivation or are we just trying to follow the current trend.My point is that we should not put any ink on our bodies, which is not relevant to us and not talk to us. If it is just to be cool, so it is not. If you don’t believe in saying or do not follow the path proposed by saying it is irrelevant. Sometimes it is done as an after event to make a statement and perhaps remind us of certain times in our lives, and it can be very motivating.An example of something that seems less than inspiring, is perhaps the tattoo, as the celebrity singer Pink has the phrase “what goes around comes around” is tattooed on her wrist and seems more a petty comment or veil than motivating. Not something I would do, but each to their own.Megan Fox looks to go this path also to do something privately very publicly with his tattoos, says: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart” and also “We will all laugh gilt Butterfly” this must mean something for Megan, but I hate to say it, but she is not the onlythat has been let down by a boy.Christina Aquilera have to say “I am for my beloved, my beloved is to me” tattooed on her lower part of the back, and this seems to be a clear reference to a common love and something that is very inspiring that two people who share a love and a feeling.Posh Spice Victoria Beckham also has a similar tattoo, which must be for her husband David, written in Hebrew, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.David Beckham in the second half of Posh Spice carries the name and portrait of his Spice Girl wife, Victoria, and the names of their sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.Now he also has the Latin phrase “Ut Amam Et Foveam” meaning “so I love and cherish”.Angelina Jolie, as we all know, has a few tattoos, and have shared a lot of her personal life with us via these tattoos. An example is a temporary tattoo spiderman on his right forearm, which means “Strength of Will.” This may in itself does not say much, but when you understand the cover up a previous tattoo she had with ex-master Billy Bob Thornton then it is telling.We can all refer to our thoughts and life in ink, but my advice is to make sure it really means a lot to you, and is not just a quirky say that inspire you over a few beers.

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