Jun 29 2012

Ideas for Decorating Wooden Jewelry Boxes

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Jewelry boxes are an essential item that every girl and woman should possess, being a great way to keep all the jewelry in one place, without losing them or having to hunt them down when you are preparing to leave your House. So now you have a wooden box in your hands that is common or a from a cursory look, or b. a wooden box with the recorded work that you still want to see how a colorful possession.The problem here is that working with light-coloured wood is easier when it comes to ideas for decorating wooden designer jewelry boxes, where the wood dark tones can still be worked on, but not as much as its lighter counterpart. So let’s take a look at what you can do to make it more than your own something you simply chose at the store.Jewelry Box Decoration IdeasLet’s cracks in some rad ideas that you can try in your wood jewelry box, which is hassle free and simple to perform.Wood engravingThis is a technique very cool for those who have steady hands and a firm grasp of what would be needed to maintain the necessary tools to perform this. You will need two important tools, more serious that a diamond is a fine tool about about 5-6 cm in length, which will be used to cut wood and burn it in the style that you want, the second tool you need is a mini hammer that will help you use the strength to eat through the wood to produce your project. For the amateur, this shouldn’t have to bite the lower lip and wondering, what the hell-just use a stencil adhesive based on a design you like, placing it on the wooden box and then carving the wood using minimal force to give it depth enough to form the design. Based on the thickness of the wood, carve their recorded work with professional appearance.Neat huh?Wood paintingThe best type of paint to work, with a course of a stencil as a guide to give a clean finish, is acrylic. Is a liquid, breathable and resistant to mold, making it great for durability. It helps protect the wood underneath the rotting and gives you a long-lasting, trouble-free final product that is a pleasure for sure. Using the stencil to give a clear outline of how to paint their wooden box, use dark ink or glossy depending on the color of your wood jewelry box, where, as I said I work with a slight tone of wood is very preferable when it comes to painting, at least.Semi-precious stones (ONS stick)If you want something more feminine, you can opt for semi-precious stones that are available at any craft store, where you can paste these to the wooden jewelry box with super glue and again, a stencil as a guide so that you can fill in the gaps and really make it look like it was done by someone with skill.Spray PaintingIt’s amazing how stencils can be useful, same here! Paste it in Nice and secure, before you start to paint by spraying the wooden box. Make sure you dry yourself well before you gently peel off the label to admire your artwork just spray painted. Go crazy with different colors and join others to bring out interesting mixtures, it will really turn your wood jewelry box, while incorporating a funky abstract-esque look.These ideas for decorating wooden boxes of jewelry that I’m sure you’ll going crazy about different techniques that will give your jewelry a special appeal. Happy decorating!

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