Jul 01 2012

3 Carat Engagement Ring

Posted by lu in Jewelry
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So your friend finally suggested to you? Now that you are engaged, you must be dying not your engagement ring looks and hopes to get a 3-Carat engagement ring. If your su?ad?tinis is not consulted when buying Engagement Ring, you don’t have to know how should look like Your engagement ring. And you really cannot ask for a little addition to the sounds of the ring ct mercenaries. 3-Carat Diamond ring is not cheap and they come in too many designs. Here you will know a bit more about it, how big exactly 3-Carat ring and as far as your su?ad?tinis has to shell out.3 ct Diamond Engagement RingEngagement ring with stone comes in many types of precious stones, from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Amethyst. But this is what most Brides seek engagement ring. As a famous DeBeers, the promotional tag diamond say “forever” and nothing can compare with the diamond ring shine and sheen. 3 carat diamond engagement ring is actually a pretty big stone, and he is usually seen celebrities. Average carat, that most of the jaunikio and go 1-carat diamond engagement ring. 3-Carat Diamond ring with round cut diamond approximately 9.3 mm in diameter will be assessed. Princess cut diamonds, on the other hand, the assessment of the 8 mm in length. The length of the 14mm the deckchairs cut diamond, which is the maximum length of a 3-Carat Diamond.-Carat Diamond is a diamond weight. Thus, the carat is not the only thing that you need to look at. Doesn’t make sense to get a 3-Carat engagement ring, if they do not have a good fleece and clarity and is full of small spots. Diamond, which is almost colourless, with good clarity and very cut looks stunning when mounted on a ring. As mentioned earlier, the longer the length of the Array to the deckchairs as Princess cut or round cut diamonds. So choose the deckchairs cut or pear to relinquish because his form will be displayed in a higher, despite the fact that the same carat. When you go for one of its engagement ring Solitaire stone, you would do well to choose Mar?ze or pears array.These 3 ct engagement ring flower betsey johnson are very expensive, no matter what form the diamond. 3 ct Engagement Ring price range from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 if he is perfect for cutting, colourless and with very good clarity. If the sacrifice clarity and reduce a bit, 3 Carat engagement ring price will be about $ 18,000 to $ 24,000. The price may also vary depending on the diamond shape and cut the setting you are using, and, of course, the metal is used in the ring.It was about 3-Carat engagement ring. You can select a different stone, for example, Garnet, amethyst and Aquamarine in its engagement ring. The following 3 ct engagement rings with semi precious stones set, of course, will cost less. Many people think that a 3-Carat Diamond ring is too big and heavy to be used as a beautiful engagement ring. But if you think that more is better than just convince my boyfriend to propose to you, with a 3-Carat engagement ring, which is beautiful and elegant.

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