Jul 01 2012

Literary Temporary Tattoos

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The idea behind the literary tattoos are pretty simple. Literary tattoos written quotes from a favorite novel s person or book. These tattoos can show the person’s interest in a particular s genre literature, can showcase talent their favorite author or show off their favorite character. These sport temporary tattoo give users a wide latitude to express exactly what they wish to express.Some of my favorite literary tattoos are quotes that are drilled from various authors. Let me give you some examples. E lot man s life is a fairy tale written by God? S fingers? By Hans Christian Anderson.Download Award Winning Tattoo Designs, A Always speaks the truth, think before you speak and write it down afterwards.? By Lewis Caroll. F aith is not contrary to reason? The Sherwood Eddy. good writing A ll under water swimmer and keep your breath.? By f. Scott Fitzgerald. H istory is an ever-changing tree? By David Irving .i have also seen some very good literary tattoos with pictures of author s or their characters. I saw a literary tattoo which featured Tom Sawyer Mark Twain giving a pig back in turn. This tatoveringen was not only interesting, funny and witty, but it was also full of symbolic meaning. These are just some of the things that can be achieved with literary tattoos.

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