Jul 02 2012

Matching Promise Rings

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A promise ring is gifted as a symbol of love, care and commitment. It is often given to the engagement and wedding rings. Promise rings traditionally worn in left finger, but to avoid confusion with the engagement ring, they were often in the left or middle finger of the right hand ring. No matter what the location is, the promise ring is an important part of the life of the couple. Exchange rings promise each other is a cultural phenomenon that was limited only to promise rings for girls! Several men are excluded from this sweet gesture of love and deep shade, as trust, devotion and gratitude for their better half.However, today promise rings for men are very popular as wedding rings. There are different types of promise rings to choose from. For example, engraved promise rings, white gold and diamond promise rings, promise rings and matching. Among them, the promise rings have some sweet values associated with them. Wearing matching promise rings mean that the couple has “normal” phase of the relationship and moved on to the next “exclusive” level, which is either a marriage or a lifetime commitment!Matching promise rings for couplesThe meaning of the Promise Ring gets stressed again when choosing the promise ring. Promise ring means friendship, romance, love, devotion and purity (or abstaining). A promise ring is different for each couple. There are many reasons why you may need to obtain the promise ring. Some would buy such rings, so they match with their wedding rings. While some couples who are in a long distance relationship, prefer the rings promise just to ensure trust and intimacy between them, despite their physical absence. Reasons may vary, but the message that promise rings pass the same infinite love and tenderness that each pair shares.There is a huge variety of designs when it comes to matching promise rings for him and for her. Thus, the decision to purchase matching rings promise completely depends on what the individual couples.Plain bandsIt’s just finger groups from various precious metals as gold, Platinum, silver and titanium. As a simple metal are often chosen as the classic wedding rings, some can choose the most rare ones that have not been selected for a wedding ring as titanium on promise rings! It looks like the rich and very rarely compared with gold and silver.The couple’s ringsA pair of discount jewelry is very much in demand, and as a result, various shops have introduced a number of special jewelry just for couples. They are promise sterling silver rings that the couple could develop on their own. This makes it all the more creative and warm at the same time! You can engrave the names of each other in the ring or adorning them with stones or their favorite gemstones as well! Read the engraved promise rings.Celtic ringsWe all know about Celtic jewelry. It is very popular when it comes to the ring of promise. Celtic symbols are very significant, which makes it a sensitive and emotional affair. Celtic knot designs love sense, traditional and non-traditional comparison promise rings! Celtic promise rings come in the flexible design and, consequently, they are easy to wear, both men and women.Stackable RingsStackable ring promise actually coordinated group rings, which can be changed to another design. This type of matching promise rings are very popular among young couples, as they are more stylish than with a simple design.There are several other rings promises that come with the free design, for example, the design of the heart in one ring and a key to another!Also read on:Promise rings for girlfriendPromise rings for menPromise rings for herWe all know that for every promise has a price, but what about a young couple who cannot spend much money on a promise ring? Well, there’s always the choices available to them in the form of cheap promise rings matching. You can always go to the relevant promise rings that are made using the available metals like silver. This is one of the best and cheapest options. Silver and gold are also a few options for those who can afford to spend more than $ 100! There are always a few richer metals like zirconium, titanium and Platinum, that you can try to match the promise ring!No matter what the price, materials, forms and styles that should be between two people, it is an obligation of life and promise to be with each other. That is very important, than any other single thing that a couple can share! Well, here I will conclude this article, hoping that I gave you enough information about the promise rings!

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