Jul 03 2012

Floss Bracelet Patterns

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Manufacture of jewelry with simple materials such as embroidery is a simple and fun project. To make one of the most popular jewels at home is bracelets. They can be produced in a range of patterns and designs and you can wear them itself or a gift they your friends. Embroidery FLOSS is available in a variety of colors, you may come with different color combinations for the bracelet. Although you can follow a specific pattern, is located in the fun to experiment and come up with your own unique design. You can also embellishments such as sequins, buttons and feathers on the FLOSS bracelet to jazz it up a little. Down a few FLOSS bracelet pattern, you are the start.Flowed bracelet patterns and instructionsThe candy is one of the basic dental floss bracelet pattern stripe pattern. This FLOSS bracelet patterns make you need embroidery floss in three different colors, adhesive tape, a Clipboard and a sharp pair of scissors.Select all three colors of embroidery floss and cut it into three equal sections about 3 meters in length. If you have chosen, blue green and yellow thread, then you should have three strands, each of blue, green and yellow embroidery measuring three feet.Now you should a node to connect all nine threads by you a loop and slippage of the thread through the loop and tighten the loop.Next clip the knotted end to the clip board, to make sure that they are safe. The blue embroidery FLOSS should be on the left side, followed by green and yellow in the middle.Create the first of the blue strand FLOSS behind the second blue floss and then put it on track 1. This is a loop. Hold tight the second blue track, drag the loop, which create a node of the second strand.Now put the first blue line behind the third blue track and make a node as above discussed.Driving with the same blue strand, continue to nodes via the fourth up fifth to the ninth track. Ensure that the nodes are to secure and keep a uniform tension and nodes are at the same time.Once you’ve made up to the ninth track node, you’ll see that the first line has become the last string in the right blue.Now re-open the same nodes on all strings with the second strand, the blue is now the first strand of the left hand.Nodes in this way makes next until you get to the end. Are done to the bracelet, make a more over node snip and the ends with a sharp pair of scissors.This is how to make an embroidery FLOSS friendship band. Once the basic technique to understand, you can create FLOSS bracelet pattern in the blink of an eye.A more simple dental floss bracelet pattern is there, a bracelet, by making only loops. To make this bracelet pattern, you need four different colored embroidery floss.Cut the embroidery floss to strands that are approximately 3 metres long. Make a loop with the strands then gather all strands together and push the strands through the loop.Pull the loop easily but make sure that you do not create a node.Collect together the rest of the strands and make another loop with him. Drag this new loop through the older loop and pull the old loop.Again a new loop with the embroidery floss and pull it through the old loop.Continue working in this way until you get to the end of the stands. To secure the bracelet, all strands move by making the last mesh and a node.Your embroidery FLOSS bracelet is finished.While, keep in mind the strings bracelet a dental floss taut with constant voltage. Also it is advisable to create the bracelet in your wrist to measure it before the final node. In this way you can be sure that it fits you perfectly. Create your own costume jewelry is a satisfying hobby and you can by FLOSS charms for bracelets in various designs and patterns to start. Once you master the techniques for creating bracelets with embroidery FLOSS, can you go to to make the unique long necklaces Bracelets fit.

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