Jul 04 2012

Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

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“This time, is not the same gift” otronva Jack. His first anniversary is nabli?aval and it still was confused what to gift your girlfriend. He wanted to make the event special, it proposes for marriage. Jack thought: “ring, interspersed with sparkling diamond will be the best”. Finally, Jack made inside a jeweller’s shop. Confusion caught it again because it is not in a position to make a choice between gamma range of collection. He took one at a time, and then rejected in next time. Suddenly his eyes attracts the eye of the one ring, interspersed with sparkling dark brown diamond. And this was the final choice (although damn expensive)! Jack a jeweler “, what is called?. The jeweler replies, “This is a rare collection of diamond, chocolate diamond”. Jack smiled with a sense of satisfaction. He says to himself “, Rianya will love this gift because it is not a genuine diamond.” the reason is, Rianya is crazy for the chocolates and the stones seemed just like sblaznitelno piece of chocolate, with dazzling brilliance. Henceforth, chocolate diamond eye ring, it is a combination of chocolate and diamonds.The quality of diamonds is judged by its colour, cut, texture and clarity. Chocolate diamonds have C4-C6 configuration which gives brown color to it. Equal distance of nitrogen atoms inside the Crystal is brown. Rich chocolate brown color diamonds is also due a natural deposit, buried deep in the ground. Chocolate diamonds are real diamonds and should not be confused with synthetic diamonds created in a laboratory in artificial conditions. Brown diamonds are sometimes confused with precious stones. Basnosloven diamonds of ?okoladovia are mostly in Australian mines. Chocolate diamonds have entered the market recently. Originally they were placed on the market as Brown diamonds. Replacement of the trade name, with chocolate brown increased his popularity among the people. LeVian Corp. provide exceptional collections of chocolate diamond jewelry on the market.LeVian products have a higher market value, compared with other brands because of the quality and brilliance.Chocolate Diamonds JewelryChocolate diamond jewelry is available in the form of earrings, Claddagh rings, kolieta, bracelets, etc. Nuances range from dark to light. The most popular shades are konjac (Orange, green shades, warm yellow, Brown), Champagne (golden yellow tone), clove (olive tint, dark brown), cinnamon (shade of peach, pink Brown, warm brown), copper (Brown, dark yellow, Orange hues) and of course chocolate. Wonderful pieces of jewelry designs will be explained in upcoming content.Chocolate diamond ringsChocolate diamond wedding rings! Wow. As already mentioned above in the history of Jack and Rianya. The ring is gold or Platinum, while in the Centre forms the Fiery brown stone. Chocolate diamond betsey johnson ring big are cut in different shapes and sizes, ranging from diamond, round, multi-layer or shape of the heart.Chocolate Diamond EarringsSparkling Brown diamond made large tabs. You can wear a ring or simply Stud. The choice is yours. Wait until it reaches the next anniversary. Gifts for your wife earring chocolate diamond from the latest collections. Some models have razkraseno with gold or silver around the jewelry. And complex design definitely expensive from the simplest.Kolieta Chocolate DiamondIs, this is the ideal gift for your wife or your daughter’s wedding. In the attractive piece enamors on neck. The price varies according to the design. Heavy necklace, decorated with numerous diamonds, will give you a similar feeling Queen. If this is not available to you, you can obtain a spectacular chain with a pendant. This will be so pure and so celomdren.So this is like to spoon for chocolates! Soon the diamond jewelry chocolate! What is your choice? Ring, key necklaces or bracelet? Whatever your choice is, chocolate diamond cheap jewelry will be treasure for you. Bear it in moments of triumph and halos its elegance with brilliant shine.

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