Jul 06 2012

Egyptian Jewelry

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Drevnoegipetskata culture is very rich and equally fascinating. We all know how the ancient Egyptians are known with its beautiful designs in respect of clothing and jewelry. The ancient Egyptians are some of the most beautiful and stunning pieces in jewelry. Of major projects to the’s pieces, ancient Egyptian jewelry is everything! The main factor for Egyptian jewelry remains to be a different kind of symbolism attached to it. Men and women wore different types of Egyptian jewelry.The ancient Egyptians are known worldwide for their brilliant design. It is no wonder, there are many shops which cater for only a few privileged people who love to collect such pieces of Egyptian jewelry designer. The Egyptians used mainly for gold jewellery, apart from silver. They shall also be used, as well as several types of precious stones and coloured glass. The Egyptians used mainly quartz, kornalin, aspis and Amethyst for vessels, jewelry. They were so test in their jewelry designs, you will find it a difficult task to know the difference between an authentic jewelry and jewelry made of glass beads! , . , . . – , . . 5000 . , , . , . . , : , . , .This Holy skarabej enjoys an important position between the ancient Egyptians. As a whole, these skarabei are made of green stones. They always have been placed with the chest of the deceased. This is evident from the excavations, carried out by a number of archaeologists.The Ankh is a symbol that is visible among the Egyptian jewelry. The meaning of this symbol is life. This form resembles a cross that has a large cycle of top. This symbol is often made from silver or gold and sometimes honey is used. It is often used in conjunction with the Egyptian gods and is known as the Egyptian cross or key of life.Ornamenta is a symbol that has been used in Egyptian jewellery and is worn mainly by as. It was also known as enchanted oval. Ornamenta is used to create the amulets, which always had the King zha name is indicated thereon. Under name, you might notice a horizontal line as well. This name is particularly displayed in picturesque characters and the theory behind this is to maintain always live memory of the King. This symbol is also inscribed on the grave of the King. Today, many projects in Egyptian jewellery use form of ornamenta and may even have one zha first name printed here.The flower of life is another symbol that is used in the decision-making process of Egyptian jewelry. It contains a lot of overlapping circles that resemble flower. Today, you can find many projects which include the flower of life. Research has shown many different meanings of this symbol.Ancient Egypt sterling silver jewelry is so interesting, as beautiful and rich culture of the ancient Egyptians. Even today, the skilled craftsmanship of jewelers during the ancient times, still stand out because of their intricate and beautiful design.

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