Jul 09 2012

Celebrity Temporary Tattoos – Chris Brown

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Chris Brown is in a terrible mess these days dealing with the statement of principle, beating girlfriend Rihanna. While Chris has remained fairly quiet about the whole incident, one thing is sure he has a great love for tattoos. He broke all kinds of laws when he was 13 years old when he got his first tattoo.Below is a list of the tattoos spider temp Chris “:1. He has three stars behind ear.2. Jesus with musical notes on the upper part of the arm as Chris says, which means the gift God gave him to sing.3. subparagraph (C) (looks like a graffiti tag), and added an image by hand on the upper part of the left arm. Chris has some means to its own name, its own destiny.4.2 up 2 downs on the left arm and hand under C.5. a spray can of Ups and Downs in the 2-2 on the left arm.6. (B) for the family’s name7. a skull with an aureole, on his right.8. an Angel and a ninja on his arm who was fighting alone and these are the words of Darkness to light.Chris explained his reasoning behind the Angel tattoo and ninja:”I was a child, but being bad, being with the wrong crowd, doing the wrong things, but following my path. This is the demon that I used to struggle when I was younger, this is Angel, they just fought. “Chris is also quick to admit that his mother was not very pleased with him when he said he wanted a tattoo when she was 13 years old and was even more upset when he walked behind her and got one anyway.Friend tattooAshley

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