Jul 09 2012

Rock Polishing

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If you’ve ever seen in a variety of precious stones in their just-pressed form, you would never believe that these stones could look so beautiful, like they do when they are eventually merged into the jewelry. Work for expensive stone look so attractive, it’s entirely up to the technique, which is known as the rock polishing. Simply put, it is the method by which it is possible to Polish and smooth the rough stones for the production of more attractive rocks. While traditionally rock polishing by hand was the preferred method for this process, now more widely used method for polishing rocks is known as for Defusion of the.So how do you go about this process for Defusion of the? Well, it’s a rock polishing used a device known as a glass, which consists of an electric engine, frame with rollers, which is connected to the engine block and tape, and barrel. The rock which must be polished to be. Then water and silicon carbide is added to the barrel. The process is such that the rocks are falling with fine grain to achieve a rock into the required shape. The same procedure has also resulted in a glow on the rocks. Rock grinder is very easy to use and is readily available in hardware stores. So in case you have to collect stones or jewels from precious metals, you can use these machines rock polishing its precious stones.Rock polishing instructionsPolishing stones can not only ensure that your collection rock looks much more attractive, but also is a way of maintaining them. Supply of rock polishing, you should include the use of abraziva to help you get the expression you want in the rock. The entire process of falling can be time-consuming, sometimes with up to six weeks. Everything you need to start the process is the rock, your dryer rock collection and grits (silicon carbide) of two types, gross variety (60/90 grit), medium variety (120/220 grit). Always make sure that the place where you will have your rock tumbler is in a dry place and that the glass is not exposed to extreme temperatures, which may affect how the engine on the glass.Select rocks to Polish and classify these by different degrees of hardness. You could advise on the scale of hardness for MZ. Rocks that have the same hardness of ears if they are grinding together. Don’t put in several small or several large stones together. Fill the barrel with the stones of all sizes. Before placing the stones in a barrel, to clean up once. Mainly should be about two-thirds to three-quarters full and the rest of the space between the rocks may be filled plastic balls. Before putting the rocks in vats, measured the total weight. Measurement of the gross grain you into the glass will be in accordance with the weight of the rocks. Furthermore, you will have to add water, which should reach the level of, which is only slightly below the top layer of rock. Caulking gun before the start of the glass and make sure all the leaks. It is important to make sure the rocks on a daily basis and to remove all the stones that are riven. After 10 days to remove all the stones and their cleaning and gun correctly. Now go back to the barrel, but this time the grains, which are added should be medium-coarse grain. Again, let the process continue for Defusion of the rock and polishing, for 10 days. This process should continue to use a finer quality of grains every time until you achieve the desired softness and shine. Finer gravel, it will be harder to clean the Rock after rock polishing process. It is important to keep in mind.There are several types of tumblers, rock polishing available on the market. Depending on your need and use, you can choose whether or not to buy a jar. Price range of glasses rock ranges between us $ 20, for a model that can be used to introduce the art of rock Polishing to US $ 700 for the children, the glass, which is to be used for industrial purposes. When the rocks are polished, well, you can use it on different types of jewellery or even create display pieces.

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