Jul 09 2012

Temporary Tattoo – A History of Body Markings

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One wonders about the beginning tattoo when the crowd is drawn on human skin that degrades easily once lifeless. Thanks to the practice of mummification of former civilizations, the beginning signs of a sure and we now have a clear idea of when and how the tattoo started.Found mummies of the Nuba in Africa to Peru in South America and Polynesia, Siberia. Mummies became famous, not only because of the discovery of tattoos but circumstances surrounding where found.Tattoo most known Mummy guy was nicknamed Otzi bronze. The name was given due to the ice, where he discovered. If possible, verify that Otzi lived sometime 3300 BC and showed these articles that covered his body clearly on a dark blue temporary tattoo wedding placed many times in different areas of Otzi. There were symmetrical lines grouped, located in the lower back and his ankles.Otzi even if cross mark on the inside of the knees.Even with the discovery of tattooing began in antiquity, and may know little about why there is even a practice such as signs of the body. It can only be hinted that tattooing stems from religious belief or in accordance with social norms to define classes or castes or it could be even medical in nature. Whatever the reason, most discover that said to be Priestess Amunet in Nice also showed the same symmetric point lines in her arms. However, the concentration was found in her stomach lines point symmetric under her navel in rounded lines.During the iron age, and extracted several amazing discoveries. This tattooed mummies of the tribe or culture or called Pazyryk Knights walkthrough. These hunters and warriors in the Roma area easy from Siberia. Mummy one worth mentioning is that which was known only as the President. There was an abundance of grave goods found alongside his body. Tattoos on his body were found, including large animals, as well as that of a domesticated type. The tattoo in backbone that remember that Otzi. Still belong to the same culture and the mummy of a young woman with similar designs as the President.Whatever symbolism, it is clear that tattoos have also started just as the collection of points and lines that have advanced the most luxurious designs in the current era.

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