Jul 10 2012

Diamond Earring Sizes

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Diamonds are a girls best friend and what better gift to himself as a pair of exquisite diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are in many designs and styles, and it is very difficult to choose. Long chandelier earrings, to the trendy diamond hoop or the classic diamond buttons, there are almost too many designs to choose from. Many women get too long attracted chandelier earrings and spend they buy a lot of money, but they prove too heavy. Diamond earring sizes are an important consideration that you should consider before shelling out wear your hard-earned money on diamond earrings. Too heavy earrings can pull on your earlobe and damage to them. Here we will discuss, diamond earring sizes and which size is appropriate.The choice of a diamond earring sizeDiamond earring is in “ct.tw.” size which measured total carat weight. This system of measurement is for diamond buttons. Each diamond stud is half of earring pairs total carat weight. For example, if you select 1 carat diamond earrings, the size of each diamond on the earring being? Carat weight. A comfortable and elegant diamond earrings 1.5 ct will be size for adult women. TW. Of course, if you buy diamond buttons for small children the diamond earring has size much smaller to be small as her earlobes and delicate and are large-sized diamond buttons could cause injuries, her earlobes. In the General 0.01 to 0.05 carats of diamonds studs are suitable for small children. A 0.05 carats of diamonds Stud would have a diamond which is about 1.8 mm in diameter.If you know, gifting your teenage daughter a pair of diamond earrings, then of course you need to Diamond earring sizes that are neither too small nor too big to choose. A good diamond earring size for your daughter or niece would be 0.1 to 0.25 carat.A 0.20 Carat Diamond earring is a diameter of 3.1 mm round, which is a good size for a young lady. For older and mature women, a somewhat higher Carat is up to measured 2 Carat. Too big diamond buttons look not very elegant and if you want to integrate your earring higher Carat stones, then the best way to do this is to them out to an elegant earrings or a stylish earrings, chandelier.If you design of the Creoles and love your heart is to purchase a diamond earring is set, then you should first learn is about the different sizes for diamond earring hoop earrings. Hoop earrings range from the smallest size of 18 mm to very large ones, that are around 110 mm in size. Diamond hoop earrings are in general smaller dimension because it very difficult to buy for the people at large tyres. The average thickness of the hoop is approximately 1.5 to 2 mm and they are made of gold or Platinum. Small diamond hoops are fashionable, and they can be worn anywhere from a formal party to a casual lunch with friends. The number of diamonds in hoops are dependent on the size of the earring and the size of the diamonds. Are used in design hoop earrings generally round brilliants, but more and more people opt for baguette, diamonds or princess cut pave diamond earrings.Diamond earrings are the ultimate statement of diamond jewelry, and they look the best if with a simple dress of cocktail and high heels combined. Diamond earrings are to be somewhere between Chin length those grazing his shoulder. However, it is at best diamond earrings, which not too heavy or large, as they can choose torn ear lobes. The best way to know if the chandelier diamond earring is suitable sizes for you, to weight it in his hand. If they feel too heavy, then it is best to avoid them.Although the appearance of certain can you love pair of diamond earrings, it is the best, diamond earring set size as larger and heavier earrings you feel uncomfortable. A renowned jeweler is a diamond earring size chart that can relate before buying. Choose your diamond earrings with care and look on the design and price.

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