Jul 13 2012

Places for Temporary Tattoos on Women

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While the individual style and design of a tattoo remains the most important aspect of your newly acquired ink, the establishment on the body closely follows the importance. How and where you post your tattoo will be a factor in how he is admired.I first visited a salon tattoo back in the 1980s in the middle to get my first tattoo, there was not a woman in sight. Two tattoo artists residents were both (very macho) males, the waiting room was full of an assortment of bikers, members of the armed forces and the young men like me.In fact, I don’t remember seeing many women attended my tattoo salon at all when I first started my tattoo journey. What is walk in were generally accompanied by their male partners, while they are impregnated.Today, the scene is very different. I have personally been tattooed by a very talented artist. A tattoo studio is no longer haunt a male, not filled with testosterone. Women have and will continue to be tattooed in their masses and while it was once badly seen by the general public, it is now accepted.My wife is very tattooed. I remember the days of the summer, when we walk around the local supermarket and watches attracted repulsion of young mothers and old ladies! This is not to produce more, today most women that I see in the supermarket with some kind of tattoo. Some are more heavily tattooed now with my wife!I maintain, as I did in my article on male tattoos, that tattoos very similar in most places of the body, regardless of their sex. There are however a few key locations that are most beneficial for each sex.It is also useful to recall that, generally, men and women get tattoos for various reasons.Women tend to go to the personal tattoos with meaning behind them, more and therefore sometimes more comfortable by hiding them in discrete locations, while the men tend to love to show their sesame street temporary tattoo powered off.So, if we talk about places for tattoos on women, which are parts of the ideal body?1 Weapons.Usually, a preference for boys, women are now expressing their tattoos on their arms. While the muscle definition is not as pronounced on the arm of men, the advantage of the arm placement, is that excessive hair should not be a problem!I have seen a few drawings really fantastic full sleeves on women. I think that is the key, long flowing tattoos tend to function better on thin arms, rather than the individual reasons placed on the biceps and forearms.A point to emphasize here is that there is nothing quiet on the arm. People will see it, and probably more often than men because of the difference in clothing each sex is.2 Chest.Breast tattoos have always been popular, especially when the placement is at the head of the chest. This area lends itself to smaller models. Be advised that, again because of the clothing for women tend to wear, the tattoo will be very visible.3 Head / face.You can now have patches of beauty eyeliner and the ideas of other improvement image tattooed permanently. I’ve seen it from time to time on women. It is the tattooing of the face that I saw. A head tattoo is not likely to be an option that women tend to prefer the hair on the head.4 Neck.A further problem for women, but this can be an advantage. It is common to see tattoos of the women in the neck rather than on the side.With the advantage of longer hair this tattoo can be discreetly hidden when it is selected or displayed in full glory when the hair tied back.5 Return.A very popular spot for women, aft offer the advantage of discretion if you choose to not show the tattoo off the power. The lower back is more preferable that increasingly will be always hidden design. Parts back will work with the design, but it is not discreet and is certainly for the tattoo hardcore fan.If you go to a larger design of a popular choice is to opt for something that blends elegantly on one side of the back to the other part of the body.6 LegsHigh leg tattoo is a location on the favorite female body. If the advantages of discretion, but may be shown in the summer with swimwear. The lower leg is also popular, as are now the ankles and feet that can be shown from the summer with the right shoe, or hidden when you want to.7 HandsI see a lot of these today, a popular choice of design is a kind of script on the side of the hands. Lets face it, the hand of a lady is much more attractive than the hand of a man in what is likely to be free and hair often adorned with jewellery and varnish.A small complex tattoo can improve the hand, but is in no way a discreet place. You must plan ahead and consider what the tattoo will look like in the years to come. The hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body and suffer bad weather. Colors not will likely not last long.There are other areas that you might consider as places for tattoos on women, but the points above cover general torso. Important to consider aspects are that if you want to show, people learned to be able to see!

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