Jul 14 2012

Friendship Bracelet Designs and Instructions

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“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~ Anais NinSo it’s true isn’t it? A friend is one that encourages you to follow your dreams, stand by you against all odds and keeping his ears open for him/her to listen to all the unspoken words from your heart. Well, having such a friend in your life can be a real joy! So what can be a better way to show your friends how much you care and love them rather than making a hand designed, hand braided friendship bracelets for them. Although there are friendship bracelets ready-made from a variety of designs and patterns available in the market, setting up one’s own will definitely add more personal touch to it. With various patterns of friendship bracelets, color, knots, and braid, you can prepare a unique friendship charms for bracelets to friends and strengthen your bond with them forever.Friendship Bracelet designs and InstructionsFriendship Bracelet Instructions TraditionalMaterials neededEmbroidery FlossClipboardBeadsHempBenchmarksScissorsInstructionsSelect two colors of embroidery floss and divided into three 27-inch strands of each color to make a total of six strands. Keep the ends of all the strands together, forming a knot almost 1 inch from one end and secure the area summed up with clamp on the clipboard. Separate the colors in such a way so that you have three strands of one color on the right and three strands of another color on the left. Take three strands on the left, mendekap them over and over again in all three strands on the right to form a loop. Now stir the strands through the loop and stretching tight, forming a single node. Likewise took three strands on the right, mendekap them over and under the strands on the left and make a circle.Poke the strands through loop, stretch tight and make a knot. Repeat this step until the bracelet is the length of the match. Finally got hold of the ends of the strands together, make a knot and trim the ends to about 1 inch. More about embroidery FLOSS friendship bracelets.Braided Friendship Bracelet InstructionsMaterials neededEmbroidery yarnScissorsMeasuring tapeMasking TapePins-and-eyeClipboardInstructionsTake three different colors of embroidery thread and tie them together with a knot. Tie a knot to die by putting three same-colored strands together to create three strands of thick; pin the knot to the clipboard. Now, just like you would weave a strand of hair, string mengepang, out across the center of the string, and then into the Middle string. When doing a pull tightly interwoven and continue to mengepang until you get the desired length of the bracelet. Finally, when the braid is long enough to fit around your wrist, tying the knot with free. While tying the bracelet on your wrist, stretch the final is knotted and tied the knot through the loop.Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet InstructionsMaterials neededEmbroidery thread, three colors: Red (1), (2), blue and green (3)Masking TapePins-and-eyeClipboardScissorsMeasuring tapeInstructionsCut six pieces of the necessary length, fold the two strand and forming loops and knot at the top. Pin the knot to the clipboard and assemble the pattern in color strands 112233. Take strand red leftmost, make five forward knots and continue to make five forward knots with each strand to the left until you reach the Green strands then. With strands of green, creating a four-knot forward and one backward/forward knot and make four backward knots. Now take the strand on the Green right, make five knots retreated and continued to make five knots to the back with each strand to the right until you reach the last red strand.Take the Red strand, form four knots last retreat and one backward/forward knot. Using the same red strand, making four knots forward and repeat the above procedure until it reaches desired length bracelet. Try completing the same strand that you started with, separate strands into two sections and braid each group.Read more about:Friendship Bracelet PatternsInstructions for Friendship BraceletsHow To Make A Friendship BraceletInstructions on how to Make Friendship BraceletsI’m sure the design Friendship Bracelet given above and the instructions will help you to make a hand tied bracelets friendship to your friends with a lot of ease and fun. But make sure the bracelet is long enough to fit easily around your friend’s wrist. Try using a combination of Your favorite color and your friends for more special bracelet will always remind your friends Your true friendship long lasting.

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