Jul 14 2012

White Gold Jewelry – White Gold Bracelets and Necklaces

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When it comes to gold, there was a time when it was synonymous with the traditional yellow. Gold itself is a pure and natural yellow. It is very soft, one need to alloys. This means mixing gold with other metals, which would in turn make it difficult and tough enough to be used in jewelry. And 24 carat gold means in reality of pure gold. This mix is then to form alloys and parts which are out of the 24 gold, reportedly measured in carats.Often, people are looking for something beyond the yellow gold. Today, we can see white gold jewelry is gaining popularity and women love the versatility, made of white gold. This is clearly because white gold bracelets, screw back ring and necklaces has a fresh look and can compliment any type of clothing. Assets unique white gold jewelry is that it seems more beautiful when combined with diamonds.Some facts about white gold and white gold jewelry:White Gold is an alloy of gold and minerals also white and other. These should contain metals such as nickel, silver, Platinum, Palladium. This is what makes the metal, white. Gold is in the same proportions. Reference is often through the carats. Can be white gold jewelry also, 14K 18K, etc. 9K here the amount of gold is the same you may find jewelry made of yellow gold. For example: is 18 k gold white by mixing 75% gold with other metals such as nickel, silver, which is in the proportions of 25%. It’s only the slug varies. zhaWhite Gold properties depend on metals used and attributed. This means even can be done according to the requirements. For example: nickel alloys used tend to be very strong. This would be perfect for loops of white gold or white gold pins. While alloys consisting of Palladium result in softer type metal, making them more flexible. This means it can be used to formulate the beautiful necklaces. The actual color of white gold is gray steel.White gold jewelry:White gold fashion jewelry wholesale and elegance in his entire, so this metal are often on hot list of most women.Besides, white gold highlights easily and brilliance of diamond and yellow gold unlike, it does not give clear yellowish to jewelry. Whenever you have to buy any jewelry white gold, always keep in mind that you have to ask the jeweler on the use and care of blocks. They also put white gold bracelets, rings and necklace betsey johnson white gold white gold in the most exquisite designs to attract buyers. If you compare the price factor of jewelry white gold with other metals, it always turns out to be an investment and inexpensive. Although not always as well as Platinum and white gold jewelry doesn’t tarnish like silver.How to care for white gold jewelry:Be sure to clean white gold jewelry with a product that is designed specifically for the jewelry. Using the wrong cleaner can cause damage to your jewelry. Use a soft toothbrush tiresome to achieve better results.Remove white gold jewelry is always when you go to your activities, such as swimming or when working in the kitchen.And often coated white gold rings with rhodium, which is the same as the Platinum. This is a rhodium coating that gives it a natural white. But rhodium wears generally away from white gold. So, don’t be plated again with rhodium, almost every year.Always deal with white gold necklace with utmost care. If possible, do not allow a piece of jewelry to rub against each other.

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