Jul 15 2012

How to Fake a Facial Piercing

Posted by lu in Jewelry
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It is amazing how fashion allows you to express yourself in different ways. Your mood, reflected on the face with the type of makeup you put on your hair you don’t, and jewelry to wear. Facial piercing, sometimes gives you a subtle appearance, and sometimes, a revolutionary one. Regardless of how they see the facial piercing is kewl, and this is sufficient reason for the stylish side savvies to try at least once. If, however, you’re still a little, like me, you want to try anything and everything, but without taking into account the littlest of pain “. Piercing but you do, not the pain, the pain and bad. Further, after closure, it requires often leaves people sickened. But with this new technology for fake piercing, show their interior on the easier way-learn how to fake facial piercing without experiencing this firing of wounds, needles, scalpels and cannula. What follows below is simply the way pretends facial piercing, making it look so real, that will change your friends green with envy. You’ll love this.Tips for Fake facial piercingYou decide Where counterfeiting of piercingDepending on the number of face the possibility of prebodnimi today, you can wear stores jewelry almost anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, select the area you want to fake for the piercing to, for example, ears, lips, eyebrow, tongue, or nose. It is always advisable to try to fake a piercing before jumping on a permanent one because it will help you understand or doesn’t look good for you.Research on the types of jewelryFor example, suppose that you have selected your eyebrows to attempt to fake a piercing, there are several options, jewelry, you may want to try. For example, there are finance, straight sticks with pearls on both ends, which penetrate through the skin, eyebrows. Then there are the legs and in captivity, rings, which are the most common piercing jewelry that fit in a small hole in the circle of the ring. Depending on your face cut, your style quotient, and the ability to carry out this type of jewelry, you can grab a piece of jewellery imitation wear.Consider the size of the JewelryToo often, one buys jewelry, without actually depending on the size-whether or not this corresponds to their nominal cut, their appearance and most importantly, their comfort. Therefore, it is the wrong size will not only distracting, but the chances are that you can destroy the entire appearance. It is recommended that if you are a newbie to the piercing, go in for a small jewelry, because it will give you an idea of how exactly the piercing look on his face.Trade with the Piercing studioThose who are experts for piercing body piercing jewelry, facial type, and you can choose which piece of jewelry to mislead you. There is a magnetic jewelry, which has a decorative front part with the magnetic portion of the back, which takes into account the skin easily. Magnetic jewelry is available for the face parts, such as the ears, nose, mouth, and whereas this two piece should attract between themselves when placed on opposite sides of the skin. On the other hand, in the form of hoop earrings for the eyebrows and a loop for the counterfeit ring flower betsey johnson for the lips, nose rings and collapsible captivity and ears. There are a bunch of jewelry options, which correspond to everyone’s rates.For those fashionistas whose parents will not be left to get a piercing done, and for those who are too afraid of the piercings and the pain they are attached, a fake piercing jewelry is nothing less than the gift. You can wear all day without worrying for pain and after-care, and abolished in the night before going to sleep. They’re so easy to wear! Liven up you look with a fake facial piercing, and let your friends copied a new look. Let’s see how you all surprised with your creativity!

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