Jul 16 2012

Fashion Jewelry Trends

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“Fashion fade, style is eternal.”-Yves Saint LaurentFashion continually changes every season. What is “in” 1 day is “out” the next day. Jewelry trends in recent years have undergone revolutionary changes. Jewel is a reflection of your personal style and attitude. This may result from the monotony that FAB outfit. Highlight the correct fashion jewelry may be simple clothes and the to do it.Trends in the yearsIn recent years, the popularity of vintage Jewelry lot collection. What was once said that cultural and fake is now recognized in art. Best Jewelry are beautifully designed and shows both creativity and fashion. Let’s look at the history of jewelry and how it has evolved since its leiutamisest.At the start of the 1920-1940s, jewelry for the masses, who wanted his beautiful jewelry and does not burn a hole in your pocket. It was supposed to be cheap and sacrifice clothes especially accessory. Each era of history is known in particular trends. 1920 ‘s Art Deco period was long known as the cocktail rings, bracelets, pendants bracelets and accessory items such as cigarette cases and holders, strong colours and geometric shapes. After the first world war and the Great Depression of 1929, and the trend was mainly focused on shifted costs resulting in the appearance of non-precious metal jewelry has become famous. Coco Channel and Ella Schiaparelli was a trend setting designers during this period.Jewelry periods are, however, was similar to that in 1940, Art deco jewelry in the 1920s-has become a gentle, and the 3-d. It saw use bows, flowers, stones, plastic jewelry and military influence.The period 1950-1960 was a traditional and experienced than jewelry became. This was the era in which the dress was perfect without a necklace, earrings, silver bracelets or rintaneulan. Throughout the 1940s, 1950s, played a central role in the fashion jewelry accessories fashion industry.The 1960 and 1970 years was very different from the era of 1950. If anyone thinks its the colourful image in his head-the era of crazy in pink tones, bright fluorescent orange, yellow, etc in this era of extreme was known for its flower power, and an array of colors of the multi-strand necklaces.It also contained a huge pendants, bright plastic Bangles, big hoop earrings and ball drop earrings. If we had to describe this era probably would be replaced by two large and colorful!Fashion TrendsNow you know a bit of history Jewelry trends, now is the time to know in fashion this year. If you are on a strict budget and wish to renew your appearance, you can always count on you to make sure that the jewelry in the spotlight. This year is all the jewelry and take the bold colors, twist of not more. The colors are black, yellow, coral, rich is a sea of blue and green amazonite. Yellow Gold is back. This is an excellent choice for your Soir s, but you can still wear a white gold or Platinum as day wear.Helmestus jewelry: helmestus patterns and textures from different flower Knickknacks is a hot favorite. Etched pattern give it more tough look with the feminisation of touch. Some designers are using bamboo wood pendants that look very ethnic. The emphasis is on natural materials and patterns inspired by nature. Pendants in the shape of the flower or the page is very fashionable. Also, while the bright colors, natural basis or inspiration for both neon colors are mullane is definitely out.Cocktail Rings: The sterling silver charms are “in” this season. These rings are usually large and bright coloured precious stones, covered with antique wooden lekaunistatult settings and details. It is important to pick colors that may be a little paistma and over the top.Earrings: Earrings is no longer this year than ever before. Kroonlhter precious stones and classic antique style earrings with long earrings is a must have this season. The second option is a single long strand of gemstone earrings.Necklaces: this year more than this. Do not take more than 1 option, wear strip long layers. Crystals is back big time with the colors of the spectrum. What better way than to bring life to a simple dress in colored stones. Wear your clothes at a record 1. The right accessories can instantly change your appearance.Handcuffs: another great cuff bracelets this year the trend is.Your little black dress or dress is the perfect opportunity to wear Olkaimeton cuff bracelets. Big and bold appearance has made a comeback. Try wearing earrings, love necklace and bracelets, which are large and colorful. Read moreHandcrafted designer jewelryKunstjuveelidIn any case, the fashion jewelry can always make a statement. Jewelry trends for each era of choice and individuality, imagine the era suhtumisel.

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